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No. You would not be excluded. The injured party is entitled to their claim. If the insurance tries to deny for any reason, the injured party can sue the insurance company.

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Why are roommates so annoying?

All roommates are not annoying. After all, aren't you a roommate?

If you live with a roommate and don't have a car do you need to be listed on your roommates insurance or do you have to have some kind of insurance of your own?

some insurances allow coverage of an additional driver with coverage but you have to ask the agent to include this in the policy.

What is the definition of roommate?

A "roommate" is someone you share a room (where you both sleep) with. However your "roommate" is not a life partner. Two university students sharing a room would be "roommates".

Where can I find a new roommate?

You can find a new roommate by doing a general web search for roommates. Once you do that you can look through the individual websites until you find the right match for you.

Does the roommate doing the evicting have to do it through the courts if the roommate being evicted is not on the lease but has lived there for five months?

Roommates can't generally "evict" another roommate; that's something a landlord does. If your roommate is not "on the lease" then they have no legal interest in the property. You can just call the police and tell them that the roommate is trespassing and you'd like them removed.

How many roommates can you have at Choate Rosemary Hall?

Most freshman dorm rooms are doubles, and you will likely have one roommate.

Are you liable for your lease if your roommate dies?

Unfortunately, yes. You are responsible to continue the leasehold even in the event of a roommates death. The roommates family are not responsible for the decedents leasehold contract, as his lawful responsibility terminates upon death. Your best option is to quickly secure a new roommate to replace the missing room mate.

What has the author Scott Orbach written?

Scott Orbach has written: 'How to get a great roommate' -- subject(s): Interpersonal relations, Roommates

Where can someone go to find room mates in New York?

There are a number of websites which specialize in helping people find roommates, all of which have sections for New York. Some of them are Roommates, Easy Roommate, and Spare Room.

Your roommate hurts himself on your property is he coverd by homeowners insurance?

I am a homeowner and have a roommate. Can they sue me if they get hurt on my property?

I am a student and new to Chicago where can I find good roommates?

Go to to find a good roommate.

How do you communicate better with a roommate?

This is a conversation to be had with the roommate. You can solicit opinions from strangers, but none of them know you, the roommate, or the ways in which you interact. Try this: "I sometimes feel as if we don't communicate effectively. Do you feel that way? How can we make it better?" This applies to roommates who are verbal with each other. If you are both guys, a series of grunts will be sufficient. Be prepared to find out that the roommate is fine with things the way they are.

What are the advantages of having a roommate?

A roommate can help with the rent/mortgage, utilities, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, security. A roommate can help with loneliness. However, a roommate can also get on your nerves, (and you on theirs), be a slob, fail to keep up their half of the bargain, snore, not respect your privacy,or have other really bad annoying habits. Be careful who you pick for your roommate. Best friends don't always make the best roommates either.

What is a good website to post ad for roommates wanted?

There are so many great websites that you can use to find a roommate. One of the best to post ads on is; because this website lets you browse potential roommates and also post an ad.

How do you get a roomate?

First steps to get a roommate, you got to explain who you are, what you do for living, what and why you are seeking a roommate for, anything you put in a basic informations about yourself, and put down your numbers for any questions so whoever wants to contact you and call and see if you guys could be roommate. but be sure that person shares their interests, are honest, respectful, patience, caring, have trust, and a responsible person... You dont want a slacker to be your roommate. Getting a roommates is easy; we have plenty of sites these days for carrying out roommates search. These sites offer simple and easy-to-use features for searching for the ideal roommate in your preferred neighborhood. You can visit these sites by using URLs in the link section.

Is it possible to have more than one person on a lease and have only one of those people on a utility bill in Illinois even if one of those persons owes money to that company?

It is possible and common to have a lease in several people's names, but have a utility bill in only one person's name. For example, in a roommate situation, it is typical for all roommates to be on the lease. It is also typical for a utility company to prefer to work with only one customer, and therefore one roommate will take responsibility and contract with the power company. Then, the remaining roommates will agree to reimburse that roommate for the utility payments. Only the person who contract with the utility is responsible to them. The remaining roommates are responsible to that roommate, not directly to the utility company.

Will homeowners insurance cover bedbug infestation if a roommate brings in your house?


What websites other than craigslist is a good place to post an ad for roommates wanted?

A free site that will match you with a roommate after you fill out a simple form is Another free site that only charges if you find a roommate that you want to contact is called

All my roommates do is watch tv and play video games. How do I get them to leave our apartment and have a life?

Even though they are your roommates you really don't have a say in how they conduct their lives. As long as they pay the rent and their share of the costs for the apartment they can do what they want. You are a roommate and not a parent. So, it is none of your business what they do.

Can you add an additional roommate three to six months after two other roommates have already signed a lease or is this completely impossible?

Adding a roommate is considered a modification of your lease. It must be approved by the landlord, or the landlord must allow you to sublet. If neither will happen then yes, this is impossible.

What is roommate agreement?

A roommate agreement is the agreement between two roommates, including the rules, like no "don't touch my stuff", "you can only touch this". don't bring some girls/guys . something like that.

What does the company Easyroommate Canada offer to consumers?

Easyroommate not only do they help you find a roommate. They have thousands of active roommates, and that have band new tools to help you find the perfect one.

How should I search for good roommates?

Make a list of the attributes you want in a roommate and then when looking at properties have a good chat with them. If you are meeting them at the property, check the garbage an overflowing bin could be a sign of a big clear out before you arrived meaning they could be even more messy than your current roommates.

How did Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes become roommates?

After a mutual acquaintance named Stamford learned that they both were looking for a roommate to share expenses, he introduced them. They met the next day at 221B Baker Street to view the rooms that Sherlock Holmes found. The offer seemed good to Watson, so they became roommates.

If you co-sign a lease are you responsible for all roommates' rent even if they have their own co-signers for their leases?

When you sign a lease with multiple tenants on the lease, you are all equally responsible for any aspect of your rent. Therefore if your roommate does not pay his portion of the rent, and you are responsible for the portion he doesn't pay. If this happens then you can be able to evict your roommate or have the landlord do so. Some landlords allow you to be the main tenant on the lease and in essence be the landlord for your roommates. This is called subletting. Most apartment complexes do not allow this. But for the landlords that do allow it, it allows you to control your situation better: your roommates can pay you and then you give one check to your landlord. If your roommate doesn't pay you, you can evict him. A lease is an agreement between all of you who are in the lease and your landlord. Therefore you are all equally responsible for what happens.

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