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the water most likely is condensate from a clogged condensate drain if you had a secondary drain, you would see water drip from the secondary likely you have no secondary, and you are getting water out the vents if you have some of the a/c in the attic you better get the clog fixed right away, or water may seep through the ceilings note the more humid it is, the more condensation is created--hence, the correlation of your problem with rain

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โˆ™ 2005-10-22 17:22:05
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Q: If water starts to drip from the vents when it rains how is the water getting in?
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When it rains why does water leak from the vents?

Very poor installation

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Ext Cab when it rains out your truck starts sputtering and you have no power- What is the problem?

Probably water getting in the distributor cap.

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Why do the power windows on your 1994 dodge ram stop working when it rains?

Water getting into the door and getting the wires wet.

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yes, its water that has evaporated into the atmosphere. When it starts to be released by the clouds, it either rains or snows based on the temp of the atmosphere where it is droped at

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condensation is where a gas changes into liquid. so when vapor condenses it form clouds and then it rains, as well as it forms fogs. when this happens, it rains then the whole water cycle process starts again.

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A puddle is a small body of water on the ground after it rains.

Your 1996 Pontiac is leaking some kind of fluid from the the front right side and after driving for about 5 minutes some kind of smokey substance starts to emit from the vents any thoughts?

lol....the fluid is water dripping from the lines and compressor of the a/c system and if your getting a fog from the vents change your a/c control setting from recirculate to fresh air intake.

What causes water to drain from toilet when it rains?

if the wind blows when it rains, it could suck the water out of the trap

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they get water when it rains

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is the amount of water on earth added to every time it rains

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Every time it rains my car won't start?

If your car won't start every time it rains, water may be shorting out wires or it may be getting into the fuel system. Both will prevent the engine from cranking or starting.

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