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Q: If you're kicked out can your parents call you in as a runaway?
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If a parent tells a child to get out of their house can that parent then call the child in as a runaway?

Well, they can but they would be lying. The parent is kicking them out of the house, the child is not running away; sooner or later the police (if the parent did call the child in as a runaway) would probably figure out the child did not runaway and the child was kicked out. If the parents kicked them out, then why would they call the child in as a missing if they didn't want them?

When A minors Parents have joint custody can you move out with one parents permeation in Minnesota?

No. The other parent can still call you in as a runaway.

Will a 17-year-old in Ohio be charged as a runaway if they leave home without parental consent?

Yes you will be charged as a runaway(if your parents call the police)the only way to move out of your parents house is if you get married(which your parents have to sign for if your under 18). There is no emansipation law in Ohio so that is also out of the question. so if your parents don't call the police on you then your in the clear.

What is the law on moving out of your house when you are seventeen in Oregon?

Your parents can call you in as a runaway. If you are not emancipated, then you are not allowed by law to own property.

What is the law for runaways in MN?

In the state of Minnesota, a child is considered to be a runaway if they are under age 18 and do not have their parents or guardians permission to leave the home. The parents can call the police and the police may issue the runaway a citation to appear in court.

Where to go if you runaway in Alabama?

boys or girlsclub, or call runaway hotline they can help you.

If you runaway at 17 what can your parents legally do?

my parents have done that plenty of times, alls they can do is call the cops and youll be considered a runaway if your 17 you could go to jail i was 14 and and i live in small town so i just got a warning from the cops that i would get takin away next time

Can your parents kick you out at 17 then call 911 and report you as a runaway?

No, it is child abandonment if she kicks you out. Talk to the Child Protection Agency if you have serious problems at home.

What would a 16 year old do if they where to be kicked out of their parents home?

Call 911 and report those who kicked you out for child abuse and neglect. As it is likely you did something to provoke such a response, you also might want to consider modifying your behavior.

If I'm 18 still in school yet i left my house because of family problems I've been living with my friend parents for 2 weeks now and my dad is threatening to call the cops im in Utah am i a runaway?

Were you a minor, then yes this would be an issue. You could be termed a runaway and your friend's parents could be charged with harboring a runaway. As you are 18, of the age of majority, you are free to live where you can.

If a 17 year old leaves contact information and where they will be can parents still call them in to the police as a runaway?

Yes because they are still a minor, not an adult and are not legally responsible for themselves.

What does the army call a soldier that is kicked out?

Dishonorable discharge

What do you call a band of musical chickens?

ASQUAWCHESTRA. Youre welcome.

What do you call a person who is running away?

fugitive runaway Dr. Kimble

What do you call a kid that likes to run away or sneak out?

Chronic Runaway.

What time is too early to call someone?

8. after that youre good.

If your mom and step dad kicked you out what can you do?

call D H S and tell them everything about your parents mainly the bad things like do they do drug do they hit you everything and they will get into a hole lot of trouble.

Is there anything that you can do to baby birds that have been kicked out?

Yeah! call the RSPCA.

Why do you call parents parents?


What should a juvenile do once he or she is reported as a runaway?

Go home or call the police so they can take you home. Anyone who helps you knowing you are a runaway can get charged with aiding a runaway. If you are abused tell the police and the CPS can help you.

After a proposal should the grooms parents call the brides parents or should the brides parents call the grooms parents first?

It does not really matter whether it is the groom or bride's parents who call. In many cases the groom's parents call, but, etiquette does not dictate this.

Where can you find help if your kicked out of your house?

go to a near neighbor or call a friend

What can a parent do if a child moves out at age seventeen in Michigan?

Call the police and report them as a runaway.

If you runaway at 14 can you get in trouble?

yes they will call the cops on you and you can end up going to juvi

What do you call the parents of your parents?

They would be the grandparents.