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it might depending on how real it looks and how old you are. they are not going to believe that a 5 year has a gun. it also depends on whos trying to kidnap you. if its a big buff guy that knows its an airsoft gun than your in big trouble.

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I wouldn't do that in the field, but if you do act like its a real weapon and they attacked you first, it should matter. If you act like you have a real weapon on an airsoft field, then you're likely to get arrested.

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You'd be liable for a charge of terroristic threatening. If this 'ambush' occurred without your consent, they would also be liable for assault charges.

The biggest risk you take with the actions you describe is that, more than likely, these teenagers are going to turn around, call the police, and tell the police that you threatened them with a firearm. That is going to get a police response, whether or not it's a real firearm. Depending on where you are, the chances of actually being prosecuted may be low, but there is no guarantee on that.

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Q: If you're outside and someone tried to kidnap you and you pulled out your concealed airsoft gun would that be enough to scare them off?
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