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You would need a court order emancipating you, usually this would involve proving in court that your parents are unfit parents and that you are mature enough and capable of supporting yourself financially.

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Q: If you're seventeen can you get custody of yourself?
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Can you be searched in police custody?

in britain if you have been arrested you will be taken into custody and searched all belongings will be kept by the custody officer whilst youre in the cell

Can a seventeen year old be force to move back home if mom signed over custody to father?

If the father has legal custody the child should live with him. What does the custody agreement say?

The parents have joint custody with mother having physical custody then can the seventeen year old child decide to live with her father?

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Can a seventeen year old gain full custody of a child?

No, probably not until that person's 18.

What do you need to do to be emancipated from your parents if you just turned seventeen years old and how do you bring your sister with you and get custody of her as well?

You need to have permission from your parents and be able to show the court that you can support yourself financially without the help of any friends, relatives or social agency.

Will a mother lose custody of her two young children for a positive drug test for marijuana for herself and her seventeen year old daughter?

I think that a person should not be allowed to have custody.

Should I have to pay support if my son is seventeen and moved out of his mothers?

Check link of laws, but you can file for custody.

What can a seventeen year old do to get out of placement by family court?

see link below if you're referring to a custody decision.

In Georgia is a nineteen year old allowed to have legal custody of a seventeen year old?

If you can provide for them, I think so.

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