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If you're still in elementary school What can you do to prepare to become a lawyer?


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February 01, 2009 5:32PM

Read, read, and do some more reading because lawyers have to do a ton of reading. So best thing to do now is start loving to read and start saving for law school NOW!!!! Law school is extremely expensive and a loan is a stupid choice if a child at a young age already knows that they want to be a lawyer. If you're still in Elementary school, you're main focus should be on preparing for High School. You'll need to get good (read: A's) grades in High School to get into a good college.

You will need to get good/great grades in college to make into a good Law School.

Take as many Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school as you can. Try to focus on studying items such as: Philosophy, Ethics, English, Literature.

Join your high school debate club. Have a good diversity of extracurricular activities. Most top-flight institutions want to admit students that are well-rounded...not just bookworms.

While in high school, try to get a job (or internship) at a local law firm. Even if you're just making coffee or organizing files, having that experience will set you apart from the pack.