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If your name is on the title, you can get the car and then pay the insurance. If your name is not on the title, you can pay the insurance to keep it from getting repossessed. If your name is not on the loan, quit paying and let her worry about it.

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Q: If you agree in divorce papers to make the car payments until it is paid off but your ex-wife does not pay the insurance what can you do?
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Do you have to get ex COBRA after divorce if final papers state to only cover children on health insurance?

This is really a legal question for your divorce lawyer to answer. It depends on the actual wording of the divorce papers and how your lawyer structured the medical insurance coverage portion of the divorce. Cobra is simply a (very expensive) continuation of an employer group plan when you lose your job that provides medical coverage until you get a new job or you get an individual health plan outside of an employer.

When your exwife drives a car that is in your name and refuses to change the ownership what are your liabilities?

Check your divorce papers first. If you file a report claiming that the vehicle is stolen, you yourself can get in trouble. Your divorce papers should state who was awarded what property. If that particular vehicle is in it, listed as hers, then she must change ownership. Unless is is financed still. In either case, your best bet is to check with your attorney and have your divorce decree with you and any or all settlement agreements. If the vehicle was awarded to your ex in the papers, you can petition the courts in your state/county to force her to change ownership and get her for contempt. If the vehicle is not in the divorce papers, use the courts to get the vehicle back. It makes you look better if it turns into a legal battle.

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You can refuse to sign divorce papers in Texas. The divorce will eventually move ahead and along without the signatures.

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What happens next if a partner does not sign the divorce papers first time

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How can I get a copy of my divorce papers from Atlantic City New Jersey

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There is no proper way to file divorce papers. You can also hire a lawyer to help you fill out the papers and contact the other party to present them with the divorce forms.

Do i need to file child support papers if i don't want my wife to pay child support?

You should be able to make the choice at the time of your divorce agreement. If an agreement slipped by you, then file the papers so that she can end payments.