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what was the reason she lost the passion if she lost it because you cheated then your going to have to show her your sincere and that she means alot to you it's one thing to say you love somebody but it's nothing to show it so do something special for her something she would not expect most women like spontaneity somehting exciting do something out of the norm to help her that might do the trick buy flowers take her out to lunch do something you use to do that use to make her have the passion I always say that it's the little things you do that make the difference it doesn't have to be extravagant but exciting something she would like

Sometimes couples need a little help to get past some rough spots in the road. Find a marriage counselor and plan to spend a little time and effort working on the problem. "Stuff" will come up that make it difficult at times, but it usually works out well. Sometimes women become more involved with the children and their daily lives and the forget that their husband needs attention too. Sometimes husbands start to think that women are like them and the desire for intimacy can be turned on like a light switch. Men need to learn that women react differently. Women need to learn more about men's needs. And both need to learn about each others limitations. Not all intimacy problems are caused by infidelity, in fact MOST intimacy problems are NOT caused by infidelity, but rather it's more of a loss of interest. Marriage counselors, at least the good ones, can help with a few skills to put a spark back in the marriage. If there are other issues that are stopping intimacy the counselor can help. Often it's just somethng simple, like the guy has a funny smell from work that could easily be corrected. Or maybe it's a lack of understanding that women need more romance before intimacy and maybe the guy just doesn't understand what the woman needs. Whatever the problem, a good marriage counselor can help to negotiate the maze of problems that we all build in our marriage. I don't want to give too much away, but the process is often frustrating and enjoyable at the same time. Part of the process is building "sexual tension" between the couple... in a good way. Marriage counselors vary in ability and price. Some counseling centers charge based on a "sliding scale", meaning that you pay according to your ability. All are very discrete.

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Q: If you and your wife love each other but she has lost passion for you can she get it back?
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