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If you apply for a credit card and are approved does it show on your credit report?

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It will appear on the CR when the account becomes active, not when the card is approved.

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If you haven't paid your credit-card debts in 7 years can you apply for a new card?

When you apply for a credit card a credit report will be ran and those credit cards you haven't been paying will be on that report. So I say no.

Where can one get approved for an APR credit card?

"Just like any other credit card, one can apply on line or at your bank and/or any bank. But just like any other credit card it depends on your credit history and there is no way to say whether or not you can get approved 100% on an APR credit card as the same standards apply to it as do to any credit card."

How can one apply for a credit card from Credit One Bank?

You can easily apply for a Credit One credit card on the official website of Credit One Bank. You can apply online and see if you're approved in under one minute.

Can you get a best buy credit card whitout ssn?

You need a SSN to apply for any credit card. That is how they can check your credit report.

Where can one get approved for an Amex credit card?

You can get approved for an Amex credit card by going to your bank and filling in an application. You can also apply for an amex card by going to a store, such as costco. At the store you will fill in an application and it is possible for you to get approved on the spot.

what is credit card apply?

credit card is a purchaging card.

How does one apply for a Citi Aadvantage credit card?

One may apply for a Citi Aadvantage card online or in person with the bank by this name. One will be approved or not for this card depending on one's credit rating.

How would one be able to get an easy credit card approval?

There are a couple of things one can do to assure themselves of being approved for a credit card. One should make sure their credit report is in good shape, lower their debt ratio, shouldn't apply for too many cards at once and apply for cards that they think they can get, if they have a low credit score.

Where can someone apply for credit card application?

There are several options for applying a credit card. One can find credit card applications at the bank, mail or internet. Credit card companies require a proof of income before being approved for credit.

What paperwork does one need to submit to apply for a business credit card?

The paperwork the needs to be submitted to apply for a business credit card is all of the business registration information to prove that the business has been approved federally.

If you apply for a credit card do you then have an option to accept or decline if you get approved or do you have to cancel the card if you decide not to take it?

Applying for a credit card does not mean that a person has to us it. It is advisable that the person does not cancel the card, as this actually is harmful to credit scores, while having an unused credit card can be beneficial for credit scores.

What steps must be taken to obtain an asda credit card?

Like most credit cards, you must apply for an ASDA Finance credit card - and be approved by the company, based on a credit check - to obtain one.

What is a pre-approved credit card?

It's simply a statement by a card company that states IF you apply for their card, you're almost guaranteed to be accepted. It still depends on your credit rating, though.

How does one apply for a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card?

From the main Virgin Atlantic website, the application process for a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card is simple. Simply follow the links or click on the advertisement for the credit card. Clicking Apply now will put you through the online application process where you will fill out your personal credit information and be approved for the credit card.

What is the best way to get quick approval credit card?

One way to get approved for a credit card quickly is to apply online. All major companies offer their applications online.

If you apply for a credit card and get approved but never activate it will it still show up on your credit report?

As soon as you apply and are accepted, you are bound to the terms of that card. So if that card carries a yearly fee and you DO NOT activate it you are still responsible for that charge. Obviously, not paying that fee or any associated charges will resulting in interest compounding and non-payment equals bad credit rating... http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2260/your_credit_card_tips_from_an_insider.html

How do you get to be a card holder?

To get a debit card, you simply open an account at a bank and they issue you the card. As for credit cards, you gave to apply to get one, and you may or may not be approved, depending on your credit history. If you are turned down for a credit card, you can either have someone co-sign with you, or you can start building credit by getting a store credit card (such as Sears), and re-apply one you've built up some credit.

How much money do i have to make to apply for Capital One?

Anybody can apply for a Capital One credit card. If you receive on and the amount of your credit limit will be determined on your income, your credit history, and your employment stability. Everyone who applies for a credit card will have to have their credit report reviewed by the bank they are applying to.

What can you do if you report to a credit card company that your husband took a credit card out in your name and you reported it to them and they did nothing?

If you are married, your husband can definitely apply for a credit card in your name. This is commonly done. Some husbands make their wives as supplement to their credit cards or apply for a separate card. So, the credit card company may not find anything wrong with what your husband did. Not unless, you and your husband are having problems, then if you have a case, better report it first to the proper authority before you approach the credit card company with your complaint or case.

How can one apply for a credit card?

There are numerous ways to apply for a credit card. One can visit the the websites for banks and apply online for their credit card. One can also call the credit card company they wish to apply for and apply over the phone or have them mail them the application.

Do you have to have exceptional credit to be approved for an American Express card?

You do not have to have exceptional credit to be approved for an American Express card. It is good to have a good credit rating for this card for better rates, but it is not necessary.

Do you still have the option to enroll or not enroll after applying for a credit card?

After you apply for a credit card, if you are approved, you can decide if you want to use the card or not. There is not an "enroll" option typically after you apply as the credit card company assumes you want the card if you are applying. If you decide that you do not want to use the card, it is probably best to close the account to avoid identity theft or the temptation to use the card if you do not really need it.

Is it difficult to get approved for a New York life credit card?

It is not difficult to get approved for this credit card. They have the same general guidelines as other major credit cards.

If you file bankruptcy will that remove a charge off report from a credit card?

Filing bankruptcy does not remove a charge off report from a credit card on your credit report. It just adds bankruptcy to your credit report.

What company offers lessons on how to apply for a credit card?

Ehow.com has an article on how to apply for a credit card. Also check any credit card companies you want to apply for a credit card with and look at their rates before considering applying.

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