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No. You can turn it down, you never have to accept their offer.

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Q: If you apply for a credit card but you are offered a lower limit than you are expecting do you have to accept it?
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Does it hurt your credit score to apply for a credit card then not accept it?


What are the basic steps to apply for a credit card?

To apply for a credit card it is best to educate yourself of the requirements of a card, check credit scores, and apply only to companies that are more likely to accept said credit scores for a credit card that has affordable interest rates.

Does taking the AP world history count as college credit?

It depends on which college you get into or apply to, some colleges do not accept AP as a college course, whereas some others do accept AP as college credit.

How do you apply for a free credit card?

Online, many credit card companies accept applications for a free credit card. This is as simple as providing basic information and can be done at home in under an hour.

Is possible for people to get credit cards with no credit history?

It is possible to apply and be accepted for a credit card with no credit history but it can be difficult. Some ways around it are to apply for a store credit card as they are known to accept people who have no credit history more frequently than through other methods. Also some credit card companies have an option to include a co-signer who can help with your chances of being accepted if they have a good credit history.

Where can someone go to get their First Direct credit card?

One can get their First Direct credit card from by applying from the official First Direct website. To apply, one will need to create an account and accept the terms of the credit card.

How can one become a cosumer credit counselor?

To become a credit counselor you should first take a training course offered by the National Foundation for Credit Counselors. Once the training course is complete you can apply for a license with the Credit Counselor association. After that it is a matter of finding a company that hires credit counselors

How can one apply for a Chase Platinum Mastercard?

Although there are a very large number of credit cards that are offered through the Chase bank there does not appear to be a Chase Platinum MasterCard. One can visit the Chase website and under the title of Products and Services one will click on credit cards. This link will lead to a listing for all cards offered as well as the option to apply online.

How can one apply for a credit card?

There are numerous ways to apply for a credit card. One can visit the the websites for banks and apply online for their credit card. One can also call the credit card company they wish to apply for and apply over the phone or have them mail them the application.

Where can one apply for credit cards with rewards?

One can apply for credit cards with rewards at websites such as Credit Cards and Credit. Other websites that one can apply for these cards at include Visa and TTBank.

If you apply for a credit card do you then have an option to accept or decline if you get approved or do you have to cancel the card if you decide not to take it?

Applying for a credit card does not mean that a person has to us it. It is advisable that the person does not cancel the card, as this actually is harmful to credit scores, while having an unused credit card can be beneficial for credit scores.

I have bad credit and want to apply for a credit card I have a cosigner Where can I apply?

There are many types of credit cards as per your requirements.

How can one apply for a credit card from Credit One Bank?

You can easily apply for a Credit One credit card on the official website of Credit One Bank. You can apply online and see if you're approved in under one minute.

What online services are offered at

At this site you can check your account balance, transfer funds from one balance to another, apply for a line of credit and even make an online payment on your existing credit card account.

What are chase Amazon?

The Reward Visa Chase credit card is a special credit card offered to Amazon customers as well as anybody else who wants to apply for it. It also provides special features to its customers.

How can you get a Capital One Mastercard?

Capital One offers a variety of types of credit cards depending on your credit rating, history, and needs. To apply for a card, look on the Capital One website for the various types of cards that are offered. Beside each option is a link where you can apply for the specific card.

Where can you find an application for a post office credit card?

There are no credit cards currently offered by the United States Postal Service. The United Kingdom does offer a Post Office credit card, an individual can go to the U.K. Post Office official site to apply.

How does one apply for a platinum credit card?

The way to apply for any credit card including a platinum credit card would be to go to the website and apply. You need a stable job and good credit too.

Where would one apply for a MBNA credit card?

Once you know where to go, it is not hard to apply for an MBNA credit card. Apply for an MBNA credit card at their website or call 0800 068 8788 to apply.

Where might one with poor credit apply for a mortgage loan?

One can apply for a mortgage loan to any bank or building society even if one has a history of poor credit. Most lenders have a product that will be suitable however interest rates may well be higher than average, and the amount offered may be smaller than if one had good credit.

How does one apply for Tesco credit cards?

"You can apply for Tesco credit cards on Tesco credit card's website. Under the tab ""Credit Cards,"" on the left is ""Apply Online."" They also have information and conditions on the same page."

Can you apply for new credit when fixing your credit?


What company offers lessons on how to apply for a credit card? has an article on how to apply for a credit card. Also check any credit card companies you want to apply for a credit card with and look at their rates before considering applying.

How does one apply for a Walmart credit card?

One can apply for a Walmart credit card on their official website. You could also apply in store.