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you should weigh about 90-140 if your fat you must weigh 140-160

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How much should a 5ft 2in girl weigh?

if you are a girl that is 5ft and 2in, don't worry about your weight. you are beautiful the way you are.... but if you really want to know how much you should weigh, you should weigh about 75-106lbs because i weigh 75lbs and i am 11 and i am 5ft 2 in

How much should a 5ft 6in women weigh?

In between 8-11 stone. Hope this helps (:

How much should a 22 year old female weigh?

Depends on your height.. I am 5ft 6 and i can weigh between 9 stone 11 to 11 stone.

How much should a 5 3 11 year old female weigh?

a 5ft 3in 11 year old girl should weigh between 90 and 110 pounds.

How much should a 11 year old at 5ft 3in you weigh?

My friend and I are 5' 3" and we weigh 103 and 104 pounds. Im 11 and im 5 2 and a half and i weigh 80 but im skinny

How much does Chris Johnson weigh?

he weighs 191 pounds and he 5ft 11 in tall he was a (HB)

Should an 11 year old girl at 5ft 5 weigh 8 stone?

I think that you should weigh around 8 stone 2 if you are a 11 year old girl (hight 5ft 3

How much should an 11 yr old girl that is 5ft 5 weigh?

A average weight is probally 100-125 and 125-130 if u r heavier

How much should you weight if I'm 5ft 11in?

You should weigh between 136 pounds and 172 pounds if you are 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Obesity for this height begins at 215 pounds.

You are 5ft 11 34In and you weigh 290pd's how much grams of fat should i eat to get down to 220pd's?

first of all you must exercise but be sides that your fat intake should be below 5o grams a day

You are 5.1 and 11 years old how much should you weigh?

I think you should weigh about 95 to 105lbs I weigh 97lbs.

How much should someone 5 feet 11 inches weigh?

A person that is five feet 11 inches should weigh 65kg

Is a 11 year old girl over weight if she is 5ft 1 in and weights 150?

Yes, a 5'1" 11 year old girl should weigh 100-110 lbs

How much should a 11-year old at 5'3 weigh?

A 11 year old at 5'3 should weigh between 120-130lbs.

How much should a 4'8 11 year old girl weigh?

<-----------------------------------> much

How much should a 4ft 11 girl weigh?

She shoul weigh 79-95 pounds.

How much should a 5'1 11 year old weigh?

A 5'1: 11 year old girl should weigh 90 - 110 lbs if I am correct. :)

How much should a 11 old girl who's 5'1 supposed to weigh?

you should probably weigh about maximum 105

How much should a miniature dachshund weigh at one year?

A miniature dachshund should weigh around 11 pounds.

5'1 and 11 how much should you weigh?

you should be a range of 95-100 lbs.

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