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No, please just wait, life is long.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-26 15:45:38
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Q: If you are 15 and your girlfriend is 19 but lives around the world should you get married?
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Is david soul married?

No. David Soul is not married. He lives in London with his girlfriend Helen Snell.

Is Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage married?

He is not married and has never been married. He currently lives with his long time girlfriend.

Is Samir Nasri married?

No. He is not but he has a girlfriend. Her name is Tatiana Gloviana. He lives with her in London.

Is Andrew lessman married?

No, he has a girlfriend that lives in France. (where he spends most of his time.)

Is Paul Kariya married with children?

No. he lives with his girlfriend in Dana Point, CA

Is russ malkin married?

No he is divorced ,but lives with his girlfriend Victoria and has a teenage daughter.

Is howard Jones of killswitch engage married?

No, He has never been married. He lives with his long time girlfriend in Canada

WWE superstar John Cena is he MARRIED?

No, John Cena is NOT Married. But I am not sure if he has a girlfriend or not but I don't think he does. U, are right John Cena is not Married. But has a awesome Girlfriend and she lives in the UK.

Is rick Nash on the Columbus blue jackets married?

No, but he does have a girlfriend who lives here in Columbus

Is Rachel Bolan married?

No, he's got as girlfriend whom he lives with in Atlanta, Georgia

Is dr conrad Murray still married?

Yes he is still married, however he lives with his girlfriend Nicole Alvarez and their young son.

Is Eric lindros married?

No. Eric Lindros lives with Brianna, his long-time girlfriend in Toronto.

Where is Matthew bellamy live?

Matthew Bellamy currently lives in Como, Italy, with his girlfriend. They are not married, but they are engaged.

Is WWE superstar edge legally married?

Edge lives with his girlfriend Charissa in Asheville, North Carolina.

Who is paolo montalban's girlfriend?

believe he is not married, but has a partner/girlfriend of almost 5 or 6 years who he lives with. also an Asian american broadway/film/tv actress.

Is Mike Rowe a dad?

Mike Rowe is not a dad. He is not married but does have a long time girlfriend and lives in San Francisco.

My nephew is getting married. I live with my girlfriend. My adult child lives with her mother. We myself and child received separate invitations. Should my adult employed child bring her own gift?


Was Michael ball married to one of his backing group?

No, Michael Ball isn't married. He lives with his girlfriend of more than 20 years though.

What should I do about this relationship I like a guy who lives 3 hours away..we'll call him buddy.i like buddy alot but 1.he doesnt want a gf 2.he lives in tn and we'rekind of awkward with each other?

If he doesnt want a girlfriend you should respect that. However, if your akward with each other then he may like you. The best thing to do is be your self around him and show why he should want to have a girlfriend. Hope this helps!

Does seto koji have a girlfriend?

yes he has a girlfriend i dont know her name or anything because that s his personal stuff but it's going around that she lives in indiana

Whatever happened do Donna Ludwig Ritchie Valens girlfriend?

she got name is Donna Fox now, she lives in California

Does black thought aka Tariq Trotter of the Roots have a girlfriend or is he married?

Tariq Trotter was married in March of 2010 in New York City and currently lives with his wife and daughter in New Jersey.

What to do if your girlfriend lives in another country and you want to marry when your older?

When you get older, you can consider moving to your girlfriend's country, or she can move to yours. You should live in the country that has the most opportunities.

Is WWE wrestler edge married?

He has been Married twice 1st wife was Val Venis's Sister and the 2nd wife was Lisa Ortiz. He now lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his girlfriend, Charissa

What to do when your girlfriend breaks up but still lives with you?

just try to get along if it doesn't work someone should leave.

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