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no it goes to the mother.

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Q: If you are 24 years old and your mother is now receiving back child support from the father are you allowed to get the child support from the mother?
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What legal right do have if the mother is receiving child support for a child that is not in her care?

If you are the father, file for custody. As for the child support, until custody is decided, request the payment be sent to whomever has the child, plus that the mother be ordered to pay. see links below

Can custodial parent receiving public assistance stop child support and arrears?

No. If the state is supporting the mother and child the mother has no right to free the father from his responsibility to support his own children. The state will pursue him for child support.

If the fathers name is on the birth certificate does he have to pay child support if he and the mother aggree not to?

If the mother doesn't seek a child support order no one will make the father pay. However, keep in mind that the mother can always change her mind and get back child support in the future. If the child and/or mother are receiving any state assistance the father will be required to pay child support.Fathers are responsible for supporting their children. If the mother doesn't need the child support then she should put it in the bank for the child's collegeeducation.

what options does a father have to stop child support when the mother has allowed their minor child to dropout of school?

Unless there is a stipulation in the court order, nothing.

If a parent leaves a child with their parents for more than a year and keep receiving child support from the father?

Yes, however they can file their own claim against the mother, and ask that the amount paid by the father come directly to them.

How is child support calculated if mother is receiving welfare?

In the same manner if not. see link

What can a mother do for a child support if the father is unemployed?


How long can the mother stays home with children receiving childs support?

Child support is paid until the children are 18.

Can a mother claim support from the biological father and the step father for the same child?

A step father has no legal obligation to support a step child.

Does the father have to have the mother's consent to quit paying child support?

The father has to have the court's consent to cease paying child support.

Can mother get support when father is a minor?

Absolutely. Child support is designed for the benefit of the child.

What age do you have to be to choose to live with your mother or father when the mother has custody?

Legally minors are not allowed to choose.