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yes definitely

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Q: If you are 2 to 3 months pregnant would a pregnancy test show a positive response?
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If one is 2 months pregnant and take a home pregnancy test will it be positive?


Will a pregnancy test come out positive if you are a few months along in a pregnancy?

A pregnancy test will come out positive all through your pregnancy because it is testing for HCG a hormone that is produced when you are pregnant all 9 months and a little after you give birth too.

If you take a pregnancy test five months pregnant will it still show up positive?


You were on the depo for 3 and a half years and you have been off for 4 months and you got a positive pregnancy test how accurate can that be?

A positive pregnancy test means that you're pregnant.

I'm 4day's late negative pregnancy test pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

Get a blood test. My mom was 3 months pregnant and home test was negative..Blood test are 100% positive

Will a home pregnancy test be able to detect pregnancy for sure if you are 2 months pregnant?

If you are 2 months pregnant, you should already be pretty sure your pregnant. After 6 weeks morning sickness and hormone variation take place. The answer is yes, a home pregnancy test will yield a positive reading if yorue pregnant, but you probably shouldn't need one.

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

How long does it take to get a positive test if you are pregnant?

You should take a test now if you are almost 2 months late. A pregnancy test usually shows positive if you are pregnant right after your period is missed.

If a first response pregnancy test is old could it give a positive resalt?

Well from experience, ANY old pregnancy test can give you a false result. My best friend thought she was pregnant and she owned a box of old pregnancy tests, well she used 3 and they all said that she was pregnant, so she went to the doctor and she wasnt pregnant. Well about 3 months ago, she had the same problem and I had an old one laying around my house so I gave it to her and it said that she wasnt pregnant. Now she is 3 months pregnant. ALWAYS ALWAYS use an up to date pregnancy test.

How can i tell if im pregnant when i have had a period everyday for almost 5 months?

Take a pregnancy test , and if positive go to the hospital .

What are the signs of being pregnant while on the Nuva Ring?

If you're pregnant on NuvaRing, you'll have a positive pregnancy test. You will miss your period for a couple of months in a row.

Can a quantitative pregnancy test give a false positive?

Yes! I had one done and it said I wasnt but then four months later (about 5 months pregnant) it turned out I was.

You took a pregnancy test and it came out negative you had your period the next day 4 days later you took another test and it came out positive Is it possible you are pregnant?

Yes it is possible. Some woman get there period during the first few months of pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant. They check with a pregnancy test and if it is positive they will give you a sonogram to make sure that you are pregnant and that everything is ok with your pregnancy. Having a positive pregnancy test doesnt always mean that you are pregnant. Something else in your urine can be causing the test to come positive. But having a positive test can in most cases mean that you are pregnant. Check with your doctor, that is the only accurate way of finding out.

How many months is 33 weeks of pregnancy?

There are 40 weeks in pregnancy (that is nine months pregnant). At 33 weeks regnant you would be 7 months and 1 week pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your urine test is positive and you had a miscarriage three months ago?

If the test was positive then you will be pregnant

No period in months?

you might be pregnant. get a pregnancy test.

How do you avoid 3 months pregnancy?

Don't get pregnant

Will a pregnancy test show a fals positive taking it right after unprotected intercourse?

A pregnancy test WILL NOT tell you if you are pregnant immediately after having intercourse unless you've had intercourse within the last nine months (on another occasion) and you are already pregnant.

Is it possible for pregnant woman to not produce enough hcg for a home pregnancy test to work?

YES! It is very possible unless you are more than a few months along i suppose... I was about 3 months pregnant with my first before i got a positive...and about 2 months with my second.

I am three months late i have all pregnancy symptoms an One faint positive ept test but many negative generic pregnancy tests that claim to be 98.9 effective i am getting could i still be pregnant?

It is more likely for you ro get a false negative than a false positive. In other words, if you get a negative on a test, you could still be pregnant, if you get a positive test, you are almost 100% pregnant. Positive pregnancies are rarely wrong.

Had a d and c now have a positive pregnancy test 2 months later am I pregnant?

It's possible but I would check with your Dr as soon as possible.

How many months pregnant is kendra wilkinson?

The pregnancy began in march, so, as of August 2009, she is 5 months pregnant.

Can pregnancy symptoms stop and restart in the first two months of pregnancy I had a late light period and pregnancy symptoms then no symptoms and the month after positive pregnant test?

Yes - go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it is more reliable

If you have a positive pregnancy test is it possible to still have the hcg hormone in your system from your last pregnancy if your baby is 5 months old?

In most cases, a positive pregnancy test 5 months after a birth represents a new pregnancy. There is a rare condition called gestational trophoblastic disease that rarely occurs after a normal pregnancy that can cause a persistent positive test. This condition is very rare. If you have a positive pregnancy test, you should go see your doctor to confirm the status of pregnancy. A positive pregnancy test 5 months after birth is not normal and represents a new pregnancy or a problem of some kind.

What if your period was 3 weeks late for 2 months and then you had a positive pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy. See your health care provider.