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You are. Improper backing.

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Who is at fault when you are traveling in your lane of traffic and a car pulling from a parking space along the side of the road crashes into the front passenger fender of your car?

The car pulling from the parking space is at fault

Who is at fault when someone backs into you while backing out of a parking space and hits you in the front right tire?

If they backed into you, it's their fault. Failure to yield.

If you are parked at a curb in front of a house and a car across the street backs out of his drive way and hits your front left drivers side who is at fault?

If you were legally parked, the person backing up is at fault. If you were in a "No Parking" area, you are at fault.

Who is at fault while Backing into a parking space in a lot and struck by a vehicle?

The person at fault would be the one backing into a parking space. Because they are going to look at it as, your supposed to pull into the parking space front first, not backing in. So it would be your fault. But I'm sure that both of you would get a ticket or something else, because they hit you, and you are violating parking lot conduct.

I live in California i was driving through my apartment complex when i was hit in the front driver side corner by a person backing out of a parking spot. Am i at fault?

The greater fault lies with the person backing out of the parking space. You may still be partially at fault for not driving with due care.

Who is at fault when you back a few feet out of a parking space moving in the same direction of a passing car and the front of the car hits your rear tire side with witnesses saying it is his fault?

Backing up--it is your fault.

Who is at fault when someone traveling in the parking lot aisle and is hit by another vehicle traveling across the aisles and strikes the vehicle on front fender driver side fender?

Personally, I think that it should be the fault of the driver going across the aisle, but other may think otherwise.

Who is at fault if you are rear ended?

It depends on the situation. If you stoped short and got rear ended it is your fault. But if you stoped becasue the driver in front of you stoped then it is that persons fault. If you are sitting at a stop light and get rear ended it is there fault. If you are parked in a parking zone and get rear ended it is there fault. Hope this Helped

Why does the front turn signal not flash the bulb has been changed on a 1999 F-150 the parking light works and both signal and parking lights work in the back?

You have an electrical fault

Who is at fault if a person leaves an item in front of an empty parking space in a parking garage that results in someone running over the item?

Depends if the person who left the item in front of the empty parking space left the item there on purpose. Thanks for the information. The item was left there because the person was unloading it from their trunk.

Who is at fault if you were coming out of a car parking space and had just got out of the space and a car came into the back of you and damaged the front bonnet of their car?

Technically you are at fault because they had the right of way and you backed into their path.

Who's at fault in a car accident when you're backing into your parking space and he's driving forward. your left hand side back bumper hits his right hand side front bumper?

If he was driving forward past his intended parking space to take yours, then he is at fault. Cutting across is not permitted in parking lots although many people do it anyway.

Who is at fault in a collision between a car on the roadway and one exiting a parking lot?

This did happen to me and I was the exiting the parking lot. I had already crossed one lane of traffic and was hit on the driver's side front fender by a car in the second lane. I was ruled "at fault" because I entered the other driver's lane of travel.

If a car is parked in front of a no parking sign at an elementary school and another car backs into it causing damages which car is at fault?

First the insurance companies will assess responsibility. Then, if you are unhappy with that outcome you will need to sue in court and let a judge decide.

What are the laws for parking in front of a mailbox?

Is it against the law to block 2 mailboxes by parking in front of it.

What are the Speaker sizes for 2004 Chevy silverado front doors and back doors?


Car A pulls forward out of a diagnal parking space designed to be backed out of for one way traffic and hits the car in front of him who is at fault?

Who knows question not clear enough.

What do you do about a neighbor parking in front of your house instead of her handicap spot?

Ask your local police department. I suspect that parking regulations forbid you from parking in her handicap spot. I doubt that there is a regulation forbidding her from parking in front of your house.

How much is a parking ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant in Phila?


Where is the 2002 Lincoln LS a-pillar?

Between the windshield and the front doors are the A - pillars ( B - pillars are between the front doors and the rear doors etc. )

What size speakers are in the doors of a vw polo?

16.5cm in the front doors

Are you liable for a person parking in front of your house?

Liable for what? A parking ticket? Not if it isn't your car.

If a car pulls out in front of you who is at fault?

Their fault for not looking both ways

where do you park for courthouse in cumming, Gwinett Cty,Ga?

There is a half circle parking lot in front of the court house off of Langely dr. This is the public parking lot. If it is full you can go down to Nash st and find another parking lot there that is for the public.

How many doors does the Biltmore House have?

It has 384 doors including the front door.