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you should be about 4 months. It really depends I wasn't able to hear my babys heartbeat until 12 weeks although I was able to see my baby very clear on the ultrasound at 10 weeks so it just depends on the person...Good Luck God Bless and Congratulations on your new addition also they should be able to tell you the sex of the baby between 17-20 weeks...

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Q: If you are 9 weeks will you be able to here your baby's heart beat and see the baby?
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Baby heart rate is 148 bps in 28 week what will you have a girl or a boy?

My babys heart rate is 148 at 28 weeks. I'm having a girl.

Can't hear babys heartbeat with Doppler?

The doctor should be able to hear the babies heart beat with a Doppler after about 16 weeks. If you are more than 16 to 20 weeks pregnant and the doctor can not hear a heart beat then you need an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok.

If babys heartbeat is 129 how many wks pregnant?

My baby's heart beat is also 129 and I'm 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant

Should a baby's heart be heard in 6 weeks?

Yes - I was able to hear my child's heartbeat at 5 weeks gestation.

Is it to early to see the baby's heart beat when 3 to 4 weeks pregnant?

Yes. The earliest you would be able to detect a heart beat is 5 weeks.

If you are 9 weeks pregnant can you see the baby and here the baby's heart beat on your first ultrasound?

we had to wait until we was 4 months before we were able to here the baby's heart beat.

How far along fo you have to be in pregnancy to feel the babies heartbeat?

8 weeks answer- you never feel the baby's heart beat. now the babys heart starts beating 22 days after fertilized. It has to be anywhere from 6-8 weeks before you can hear it on a monitor.

How fast should the babys heart rate be at 17 weeks?

all my babies heartbeats were around 160, they are all girls, but my cousins baby is a boy & his ran around 140.

Why would baby's heart beat be 177 at 38 weeks?

it's normal. babys heart beats much more rapidly than an adults. even after its born and unfants heart beat can climb over 200,especially when upset.

How long does a black footed ferret carry a baby?

for 2 weeks then there done with carrying for there babys

Can you tell the sex of a baby at 4 months?

they might be able to tell what the baby is but it would be best to wait till 18 weeks would be good time it was easy to find out my babys gender im 18 weeks and im haveing a girl good luck

What are the chances of baby start to have a heart beat after 8 weeks?

If the pregnancy is viable it is 100% the baby will have a heart beat beat at 8 weeks.

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