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My best friend is African American and she is very dark. She's been trying to get a little lighter, and what she's been doing is wearing sunscreen and washing her face, that's it. But if you were born with naturally very dark skin, it won't go away. Only if it was sun damage that caused you to be darker than usual, might your skin get lighter.

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How can you make your skin pale?

With skin bleach.

Does coconut oil make you skin pale?

Coconut oil does not make your skin pale, it is actually useful for tanning

How can you make your African American skin lighter?

y change it dark skin is beautiful

What color was Michael Vicks skin?

his skin color was black or African American his skin color was black or African American

What to use to make your skin look pale?

make up

How can smoking effect your skin?

it can make you spotty and pale

What color prom dress matches pale skin?

Avoid dark colours as they make your skin appear paler, pale pinks and pastel colours such as blues and purples will suit your skin well as they make your skin look more peachy. I have pale skin and brown hair and for my prom I wore a light grey/purple dress with silver detail.

Can you be black and American?

Yeah, it's normally called African-American. But even if not African-American, you can be of any skin complexion and be an American.

Is pale skin whiter skin?

Yes, a kind of. Pale skin is a very white, light grayish skin tone.

Skin color of Romare Bearden?

He was an African-American.

Can lemon lighten African American skin?

probably not

If an albino African American and a Caucasian have a child what will the skin pigmentation be like?

The child's skin pigmentation would be that of a mixed race child. The African American albino parent is still African American. The parent just suffers from a genetic condition.

What type of skin color Beyonce has?

beyonce is creole/african american.. but she has black skin

What happens to your body to make you pale and clammy?

Blood is routed away from your skin.

What was Frederick Douglass dad skin color?

african american

What is the medical term meaning black skin?

African American?

What is porcelain skin?

Porcelain skin is a colloquial term for very pale skin. The phrase is a metaphor comparing pale skin to white, fragile porcelain.

Yellow make pale skin look a certain color?

yellow makes pale skin look lighter. white, however, tends to look better because it shows up your color and doesnt make you look washed out.

What is the cultural legacy of the African American?

Legacy From The Newboyz Is African American 100%...He is Not Hispanic At All.So What if He Light Skin..He Is BLACK!!

Does lack of oxygen cause pale skin?

A lack of oxygen will indeed cause pale skin. Pale skin can also be caused by anemia and should always be evaluated by a doctor or medical professional.

Can people die if they are to pale?

No but pale people do often have skin cancer The color of the skin can at times indicate a problem with health however just having pale skin wont kill you. People with pale skin should take extra care however where it comes i contact with the sun.

Does color consciousness exists in the African American community?

Yes! In fact in places like Africa darker skin people use bleaching creams to make their skin lighter.

Is Megan Fox's skin pale?

yes!she has a pale skin but some time she got tanned for a change..but i think her real complexion is pale....i like her complexion

What color is Rihanna's skin?

Her skin is pale brown

Is pale skin the same as fair skin?


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