If you are a 5' 2 150 pound female what should be your daily intake of carbohydrates and calories?

I found a formula online that shows you how many calories you should eat for your weight to maintain it, and obviously it must be less if you want to lose weight. So say you are 150lbs, it would be 1500 + 150 = 1650 calories a day When they say on supermarket packaging a women should eat 2000 cals a day, this is a lie! They only put this so that ready meals etc. look like they are a smaller portion of your daily allowance. I'm afraid I don't know the carbs, but I suppose you would needmybe 40/50% of your intake to be healthy carbs like cereal, wholemeal bread, pasta and that which you find in fruit and veg - with the rest % smaller amounts of fibre, fat, protein etc.... But I am in no way a nutritionist, I am just guessing on the above.