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It wont necessarily prevent them from being deported they can still get deported if the INS has a reason to do so although with them being married to a U.S. citizen their chances of getting a green card and being allowed to permanently stay in the U.S. are increased although not always guaranteed Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: If you are a citizen can you marry and immigrant or alien resident to prevent him or her from getting deported?
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If you have an order of deportation and you married a us citizen can you become a resident?

Once you have been ordered to be deported, nothing you do can revoke that order. Even if you marry a US citizen, you will be deported. You can apply to reenter the US but the chances of that application getting approved is very less. Basically, no. Marrying after you have been ordered deported will not trick the court into letting one remain in the United States.

If and illigel alien merries an us citizen with disabilities how that affects his or hers process of getting a green card?

In the majority of US states it is no longer possible for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. If the marriage was allowed to take place the issue of disability on the part of either person would have no bearing as the illegal immigrant would still not be eligible for resident status. He or she would be required to voluntarily return to his or her country of origin or be forceable detained and deported. Exceptions are made in some cases where an immigrant can be classified as being an asylee or refugee.

Can a resident alien get deported for a small criminal drug offense?

If it is a felony, YES! The laws clearly state that if you are not a citizen when the crime was committed you can be deported. they are clamping down more so on this law after 911. That doesn't mean it is automatic but it is very possible and I recommend you look into getting a lawyer if it does come to be.

Can I marry a U.S citizen and live in the U.S because of this?

Not automatically. You would still need to apply for a permanent resident visa (commonly called a "green card") in order to legally live in the US. However, being married to a US citizen does speed up that process. If you don't get a green card, you would be risking getting arrested and deported back to your home country- and if you get deported, you are prohibited from getting a green card for a long time.

Can an illegal immigrant marry an American citizen in the state of Colorado?

Yes, a person can marry an illegal immigrant, but that doesnt mean that it will lead to the immigrant getting legal status.

My fiancee is a legal immigrant and we are getting married this year would that make him a citizen?

No it does not make him a citizen, but it you may sponser him for citizenship if you wish.

What is the possibility of an illegal immigrant getting deported after having to go to court for an illegal action?

Extremely high. Why? Because an illegal immigrant breaks the law in the first place coming to a country illegally. Also, if you had to go to court for an "illegal" action, there obviously going to find out your illegal since there will be no documents of you #1, and #2, any normal citizen would go to jail if they do a crime, however, if an illegal alien commits a crime, they get deported.

Can an illegal alien be deported for getting a ticket for driving without a licence?

An illegal immigrant can be deported upon being caught and handed over to the relevant authorities. By getting caught for driving without a license, the authorities would have been notified of their presence.

If I'm a us citizen and im getting married to a man who was deported from there what are the odds of me being able to get him back into the us?

the answer is almost no chance. he was deported under us law and almost no way can the law be changed

How do you marry an illegal immigrant who was brought into the us at two and went through the public school system even college without a visa and without him getting deported?

You turn her/him in.

Would you get deported if you want to marry a US citizen but have been living in the country illegally?

You will not get deported. I heard that you can get married only in some states and/or counties. But keep in mind that getting married to an American citizen and getting a "green card" are two different things; somehow related but different. Your best choice would be: The U.S. citizen should apply for a fiance(e) visa (type K-1, I think) and then the immigrant fiance(e) would enter with that visa and marry. If you go directly to the USCIS, for God's sake don't tell them that the prospect fiance(e) is illegally in the U.S., in other words lie about that. Tell them that you met in the prospect immigrant home country. Of course you may have to provide some tangible evidence of that, like phone calls, letters, emails, pictures, etc., but you'll figure something out. When the fiance(e) enters the U.S. with his/her visa, he/she has 90 days to marry the U.S. citizen who applied for his/her visa.

What if an illegal immigrant divorces and marries a us citizen to get perminit residence divorced an remarried in under 1 year?

He can be arrested as he is a illegal immigrant and he has got married before waiting for a year aftr getting divorced.

Can an illegal immigrant working under an assumed name become a citizen?

No unless you have friends in high places. Just because you are working under an assumed name you are still taking a large risk of being found out. If you are you could be deported back to your own country and the U.S. is getting edgier all the time about illegal immigrants.

Tell you about proceger for get marriage with legal resedence?

Getting married to a U.S. citizen will not make you a legal resident. If you are in the U.S. legally you can file to adjust your status to a legal resident. If you are in the U.S. illegally, getting married to a U.S. citizen will not help. You will need to go back to your country and apply for either a K1 fiance visa or a K3 spousal visa.

Can an illegal immigrant become legal by marrying with an international student?

Check with the laws in your state before getting married, but in most states, anyone who marries a United States citizen can become a US citizen, and thus be legal.

How do you get a resident order?

how do i go on about getting a resident order

What are the steps a US citizen and an illegal alien should take in order to get married for the alien to obtain citizenship?

First you have to get married and get legal. The best and most recommended way is for the U.S. citizen to file for a fiance(e) visa for the immigrant first. If you go directly to the USCIS, tell them that your fiance(e) is still in his/her home country and not already in the U.S. illegally. Then when he/she enters with his/her fiance(e) visa, you, the U.S. citizen have 90 days to get married. After getting married the now immigrant husband/wife can file for Permanent Resident Alien Status ("green card"). After about 3 to five years after that he/she can apply for U.S. citizenship if he/she wishes.

Can a bahamian deportee marry a us citizen and can it eventually get the persons back into the u.s.?

The citizen BELONGS in the US, but if the NON citizen has been deported... Well it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to go back, for the deportee to pretty much step on US ground is illegal. BUT the citizen might be helpful in succeeding chances of getting a work permit for the deportee, then you could climb the ladder from there.

Why is Justin bieber getting deported?

Becaquse he is a retard

Can a 16 year old marry a Mexican immigrant?

only if they (the Mexican immigrant) is also a minor, and you both get your parents permission (if you are under the legal marriage age in your state). and although its not relevant, you should make sure that they are legally here before you marry, or your husband/wife may and up getting deported...and that would REALLY suck

Can someone with a criminal record that was deported for life do something to get a visa a be able to enter the us?

No, that serious criminal conviction would prevent you from getting either a visa or a green card (if married to a U.S. citizen).

If someone gets locked up but has a child born in USA would the person get deported?

Possibly. Just having a US citizen child does not allow a person to stay in the US. There are a lot of facts that need to be analyzed, so I recommend getting an experienced immigration lawyer to help. S/he will need to know the reason that the immigrant is detained, the immigration history, age of the child, etc. Good luck.

Can you apply for a green card if your dad is a us citizens?

If yGetting a family-based Green Card is a two-step process. The first step is the "Immigrant Petition" which establishes that a qualifying relationship exists between the U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident and the Green Card applicant. The second step is the Green Card application. If the sponsor is a U.S. Citizen and the Green Card applicant is a spouse, parent or minor childwho is currently in the U.S., then these two steps can usually be combined into one. Otherwise, applicants must wait for the Immigrant Petition to be approved before they can move on to the Green Card application.

When a permanent resident with a valid green card marries a U.S. citizen what is the process for them to become a citizen?

A permanent resident will be able to apply for citizenship after 5 years of living in the US. Getting married usually helps with citizenship for people that do not have permanent resident status. After getting married there still is a wait period of about 5 years. In the case of the a permanent resident there is not much that will change. If one has a driver's license, SSN, etc. The only difference will be applying for the actual citizenship at the end of the wait period. For more information on applying for citizenship see the INS website - Not 5 years. After you get a green card you have to continue living in the U.S for at least 7 years, after that you can aply for a American citizenship. ANSWER: Actually, what really helps you to be married to a US Citizen is that instead of th 5 years of continuous residency in USA that the law request after becoming a Permanent Resident, is reduced to 3 of marriage with the same US Citizen, which is more helpful for people that entered USA with a Visa, marriege to a US Citizen and after those 3 years, he can become a US Citizen and that's the Law.

If deported can you get married?

If you are deported, there are no prohibitions to you getting married. You might also be able to prevent deportation if your spouse has legal status in the United States.