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One thing you must understand that there is ALWAYS a chance. Expecially with conception. What matters is when you cleansed that area, were you penetrated with your hands in the process? Chances are that pregnancy and many STDs are not going to be an issue with that particular incident. But once again, you never know. If this is a reoccuring concern of yours, be more careful and think before you act!! Simple as that. A fact that is constantly overlooked. Be cautious and more insightful for your own good and that alone. Watch yourself out there.

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What does a clean bathroom contribute to?

A clean bathroom contributes to better health and cleanliness. By being clean it makes others more attentive to keeping clean. It really helps if you are getting clean in a clean bathroom.

Can you get pregnant if you touch sperm and then clean yourself when you go to the bathroom?

yes you can become pregnant because it touched you

If you poop your pants how do you clean up after yourself?

take the poop and smear it all over a bathroom stall wall

What are bathroom wipes for?

Too clean your but when your done using the bathroom

What are the procedures in bathroom cleaning?

Have to keep bathroom clean everyday.

What do you do if the bathroom was occupied and you waited too long and urinated on yourself and had a bowel movement in your pants?

Just clean yourself up and get changed. Put clothes into hot soapy water and just carry on as if nothing had happened, You are not alone.

When do you have to clean a bearded dragons cage?

you have to clean there cages every day or when they go to the bathroom

Why do Japanese children clean the bathroom?

because its dirty?..

How many calories do you burn when you clean the bathroom?


What is the best way to clean bathroom floor?

The best way to clean a bathroom floor is to mop it of get on your hands and knees and scrub the dang thing with a tooth brush. This was answered by noboby but you.

How long should it take someone to clean a bathroom?

It should take someone only 20 minutes to a half an hour to clean a bathroom. Unless it's REALLY messy!

Does using a bathroom shower clean an ac?

No, how do expect that to happen .

What are the procedures in make up a room?

clean empty waste basket clean all furniture clean on the floor bed make up clean the bathroom

To clean your room without nobody to do it for you?

Clean it yourself ;)

Can you wear an Allah bracelet to the bathroom?


What chores can a 13 year old do around the house?

They can wash dishes,clean the bathroom(s),clean the living room,and they can clean their room.

What is the best way to clean a yourself?

what is the best way to clean yourself? Well you can take a bath or a shower or even just wipe yourself up with a soapy rag. The best way to clean yourself spiritually is by keeping good faith in yourself. and of course physically just clean all the dirtiness that you think you had in your self then that's it you're already clean voila...

What are slogans on clean Delhi?

Love the earth. It's the only one we've got. Save the world, save yourself. Learn to recycle and use your bicycle. One earth, once chance. Keep it clean, keep it green. Clean Delhi, green Delhi.

Best way to clean bathroom tiles?

Acetic acid (vinegar)

Why is it important to keep a bathroom clean?

If it will get full of bactira and you will get sick alot.

How do you clean your anus after you go to the bathroom?

Washing with water is the best way

Why is it important to keep a kitchen and bathroom clean?

to keep from mold and insects and bugs and rodents from geting in there and to also insure no one gets sick! are some resons you should keep the bathroom and kitchen clean

How do you clean mold off the bathroom ceiling?

Vinegar and hot water, will clean some molds, but for advancd mold removal, you will need an expert, or, if you want to do it yourself, there is a mold recipe that can be mixed for killing the advanced mold. Mold can be a health issue if you do not know how to take care of it

Is it possible your nose can get messed up by piercing it yourself?

Yes, definitely. Proper equipment, proper technique and a clean environment are all important for avoiding a serious infection. Hint: a bathroom is absolutely the worst possible place to be performing surgery on yourself or anyone else.

What is the best way to clean a bathroom shower curtain?

The best way to clean a bathroom shower curtain is to wash it in a washing machine with several towel in a cold water setting. You should then hang it outside to dry.