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OK, this is gonna sound old fashioned - but as a teenager you have bigger fish to fry than sexual experimentation. Oh, I know, your hormones are telling you otherwise, but who's the boss, your hormones or your mind? Any really GOOD relationship, hetero, homo, whatever, isn't going to happen unless you have two emotionally mature consenting adults who respect and care for each other. Concentrate on the maturity issues. One of the biggest is learning who you are and being comfortable with that. Did you know that sexuality isn't an all or nothing thing? You might be totally straight, or totally gay, or one of a million points in between. As far as the law goes, at 17 it may or may not be OK, it depends on the state. Often it is against the law and an adult engaged in a relationship can get charged with a felony and wreck the rest of his life. If that is the case, think this one through - "Do I really trust an adult who will break the law in order to get involved with me?" It's almost certain that such a person will be a user and any such relationship is going to end up being a real bummer. (oops - I hope that still means what it did in the '60s LOL!) There are a lot of people in this world that are ready to jump your bones for their own gratification. Wait until you know yourself and the other person well enough to be sure that it is a loving and mutually respectful relationship. As for doing what "feels right" -- sorry dude, really shallow. Your feelings come and go. Self respect is where it's at. Look; Do What Feels Right To You. Don't Let People Tell You To Do Because They're Not You. You Have To Follow Your Own Path And Just Do What Feels Normal Or Good To You. On How To Find Someone; I Suggest That If You Are In Highschool Starting Or Going To A Few Gay Straight Alliance Meetings. If You're Looking To Start One, Then Go To A Teacher You Trust Or The Activities Office In Your School. You Will Find Other People With Your Situation. And You Will Probably Be More Comfortable Knowing There Are People That Understand You. ==Comment== I'm very new as a moderator here, but I've already seen a lot of great answers get trashed by fools with too much free time. I locked this question because I believe this is good solid advice. If you have something else to add, contact me and I will unlock the question for you, but I won't see it destroyed by vandals.

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What goes on in teenage relationships?

Teenage relationships nowadays aren't to different from adult relationships...

What is the lifestyles of teenagers?

Teenage lifestyles vary almost as much as adult lifestyles do. But some of the teenage stereotypes include: - Facebook/Twitter/MySpace gets checked regularly. - Eat bad diets. - Occasionally attending concerts. - Going out to parties. - Attending high school. - Learning to drive. - Experimenting with drug and/or alcohol. - Extracurricular activities.

What is a teenage fox called?

A sub adult fox.

Can teenage boys be kidnapped by adult women?

It is certainly possible, however relatively unlikely because generally a teenage boy is stronger and faster than an adult woman.

What does a teenage girl's Vagina looks like?

Like any other. Is their a difference between teenage one and an adult one?

What are cats' life stages?

For a female cat's life stages: Kitten Teenage (half grown, but not yet Adult) Adult Spayed Female (sometimes) For a male cat's life stages: Kitten Teenage (half groan, but not yet Adult) Adult - tomcat Neutered Male (sometimes)

What does a normal teenage vagina look like?

Same as an adult womans.

What is the genre in Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

Young adult/teenage fiction

Do teenage Dads have any rights?

They have the same rights as adult dads.

How can you buy adult diapers without people thinking they are for you?

just mutter stuff like stupid hospital. or my stupid brother wanting to wear adult diapers all of the time when someone looks at you funny.

What is the different between adult and adulthood?

An adult is someone above the age of 18 and adulthood is the time in which someone is an adult.

What is the difference between the teenage and adult brain?

teenagers think about the offspring with girls

Was bleach meant to be an adult anime?

No. Shonen. (Targeting males-teenage-fighting).

Why does ventus not look like an adult from kingdom hearts?

Ventus is a teenage boy.

Where can you find diapers for your teenage son?

They sell adult diapers at Wal-Mart.

Is a teenage driver more likely to have an accident than an adult driver?

Yes. A teenage driver hasn't the experience and judgment that most older drivers have.

At what age can a tennager be charged for stealing?

A teenage can be charged with stealing at any age! Can he be charged as an adult? Perhaps, especially if he is a repeat offender. Juveniles very rarely get charged as an adult for stealing. But the age of 18, still albeit a teenage year, is the magic age-- one in which he becomes an adult, and therefore is charged as an adult for any crime he commits.

What makes teenage girls horny?

Fast cars & money!!! Same as an adult woman 

What is a different word for teenage dog?

you can say its a young adult, an ageing pup or a juvenile

What does it mean if you have got teenage spots at a young age?

It means that you are growing up to be an adult

What is a teenage owl called?

A owl or any bird that is not yet a adult is called a imature ------.

What rights do a teenage mother have?

Teenage mothers have all of the same rights that adult age mothers have. They have the right to custody, child support, and help from social agencies.

What is Adolescence and Puberty?

Adolescence is a period of time when a child grows into an adult, usually meaning the teenage years. Puberty is the changing process from child to adult.

Is there a law in Texas that states a teenage driver can not have another teenager in the car?

you can only have 1 adult in the car. only 1 adult in the car at a time.

How were healthy adult and teenage Jews treated by the Nazis?

At many of the camps they were used as slave labour.