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Only if you want to. Most D.V.M.'s hire vet techs or veterinary assistants to assist with the day to day chores of a vet clinic. An associates or equivilant degree in this field can usually be obtained from any number of 2 or 4 year colleges, trade schools or "vo-techs".


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you need call it till you can get a hold of it call the vet get in your car drive to the vet place and they will take care of it i am a vet everything will be fine trust me

Visit a vet, they'll tell you everything. They did with my dog. =)

Check with the vet, make sure everything is okay.

I would suggest you go to the vet right away. I bet the vet could fix it with the right tools and everything. Hope I helped.

the best thing to do is go to the vet to make sure everything is okay.. if you can not get to a vet immediately, pull all pellets and just feed hay.

Horses, cows, sheep, farm animals mainly. When you're a zoo vet you get to deal with everything, from cubs to elephants.

Unfortunately no. There are some that can be beyond your ability to save.

Just like with a human you have to take her to the vet to make sure everything is out or she will get infections.

Maybe. If i were you i would ask your vet. Vets know everything about dogs. Your Welcome! =]

dogs dont have periods. i'd take it to a vet.

bring the cat to a veterinarian.. let the vet look at your cat and diagnose how is your cat's condition. the vet will tell you everything that you need to do with your cat based on the cat's condition.

Everything should be alright but I would call the vet and make sure its ok

it doesn't have to have insurance but if you don't get pet insurance you'll have to pay for everything vet wise

almost everything. a bandage, plasters, saringe, a little bottle, a pair of scissors, needle and thread, and everything else you see in your vets place. but they are the most important.

NO!!!!!!!!!! that is not normal take it to a vet immediately

PLEASE take your puppy to the vet right away. It sounds serious. Anyone can tell you anything here. It sounds too important to trust wikianswers. I hope and pray that everything turns out okay for your puppy. CALL THE VET and tell the vet your problem Now!.

I have been buying all my dogs' pet meds from VetDepot for years. Everything I have purchased has been excellent quality and identical to what I have bought from my vet including Frontline Plus, Dasuquin, Heartgard, and Previcox. Their prices are like half of what my vet charges!

it is usually calm...although when there's an emergency that's when everything starts to hit fast mode!

Everything in Dubai cost alot, I know because i`l be moving there soon.

.there can be the odd dog who can be allergic who is allergic 2 everything but generally speaking NO.. go bring ur dog to a vet if u have suspicions of him bein allergic 2 every thing.

Some basic pet services offered by a vet include giving shots and simple check-ups. They even perform surgeries and complicated procedures. Vets pretty much do everything.

Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you think there is any chance that it does, Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should take your dog to the vet when it is still a puppy so it can get its vaccinations. Then yearly check-ups will help to ensure your dog a long healthy life. In addition, if you dog is acting strangely, is not eating, or is lethargic, for a long period of time, you should take it to the vet to make sure everything is OK.

If you are lucky and everything goes well just for shots and yearly check up around 200.00

A big animal vet is called a large animal vet, a rural vet or a farm vet

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