Capital Punishment

If you are against capital punishment what are some good questions you could ask your opponent in a debate?

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If capital punishment is a deterrant why are homicides rates rising? Where is the justice when an innocent person is executed? (Since 1973, 95 people on death row have been released after having been found wrongfully convicted). Why are a disproportionate number of indigent and minorities sentenced to death compared to murderers of a different social status and race. (2003 stats..White victims account for 1/2 of all murder victims, 80% of those convictions result in the death penalty. During 2003 12 white defendants were executed for the killing of black vitims, 178 black defendants were executed for the killing of white victims.) How do Christians rationalize their pro death penalty stand when it comes to agape? What about the financial burden to the taxpayers? (For example, Ted Bundy was on death row for 10 years before he was executed the cost to Florida taxpayers was more than 6 million dollars.)Why is the rate of violent crime lower in countries without the death penalty.

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