If you are an American citizen and you want to move to Ireland does that make you an immigrant?


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yes. but not unless you are entitled to an Irish passport

Linguistically, you are an emigrant from the US, and an immigrant into Ireland.

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anyone can marry anyone from anywhere, however it does not make the immigrant legal, and alot of the time, has no effect on the courts decision if the immigrant can stay

You can become a citizen just like any other immigrant. Having family who are US citizens might make it easier, though.

only if you were born in the united states with a U.S. birth certificate

No, marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically grant an immigrant permanent resident or citizenship status.

No it does not make him a citizen, but it you may sponser him for citizenship if you wish.

In able for an Illegal Immigrant to become an American citizen, you must go to any of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship offices and apply. It takes up to 8 years, a lot of studying and testing and if you can pass every test and be as patriotic about America as possible, then you will most likely become a citizen. Giving birth to a child in the US will not give you duel citizenship automatically. It does however give your child a Star citizenship. Basically, it would make it easier for them to apply to be a US citizen when they become an adult. Also marrying a US Citizen will not give you citizenship either, you will still have to apply like everyone else.

The US citizen may cancel the I-130 petition, and the illegal will not be given permanent residency. If the immigrant entered illegally into the country, then it doesnt matter because marriage to a US citizen CANNOT help make the immigrant legal.

If born in the United States the baby will be a legal citizen, the immigrants status will not change.

yes if you are born in the U S you are a citizen no matter what what your parent status is at the time of your birth.

No, having a baby will not make the process any faster or easier.

You can marry pretty much anybody you want to - that's not going to make them a citizen however.

No if the marriage is only for becoming legal. The person who marries an illegal to make them legal is breaking federal laws, can be arrested, and serve prison time. The illegal will be deported.

That depends on where you settle in. If you settle into a place that would make you a citizen, then you're a citizen. If you settle into a place that wouldn't make you a citizen, then you're not a citizen. If you are asking if you marry an illegal immigrant then they wouldn't be deported. If fact its their ticket to the USA. If you are a foreigner and have a child here that child no matter your citizenship is a US citizen. Its why "they" hop the border and have kids. The mother then has access to the US because the child is a citizen. If you're short on cash, marry one. Sometimes they'll pay you.

The average American citizen makes around 35,000 dollars a year. The average American household makes around 53,000 dollars a year.

Often much less than the LEGAL citizen whose job he took.

You have to go through a thing called Naturalization, it involves several years and steps. First step is to file a Declaration of Intention with the immigration authorites, most immigrants must live in the U.S. for 5 years befor the next step. The next step is to take special classes to prepare for citizenship. They need to study English language, American history, and civics. They must demonstrate basic knowledge in all three areas. After the waiting period, an immigrant may file an applcation for naturalization, applicants must be atleat 18 years of age. Then a government agency called the Immigration and Naturalization Service reviews this application to make sure the information on it is true and complete. This often takes several months. The final steps are if the application is approved, the immigrant will be given an appointment to meet with an immigration examiner. The examiner will then decide whether the immigrant is qualified to become a U.S. citizen, the examiner determines this by asking a series of questions about American history, American government, and his or her reasons for wanting to be an American citizen. The immigrant must answer these questions correctly, and in English. If the examiner is satified that the immigrant is ready to become a citizen the final step is a brief court apperance, in court the immigrant is asked to take an oath of loyalty to the U.S. after taking the oath the immigrant is officially declared a U.S. citizen, with all the rights and responsibilities that go along with citizenship. If the immigrant has children under 18, those children automatically become citizens as well.

You would be a British citizen, but as your parents are Irish you would also be entitled to Irish citizenship.

im sorry, but that question does not make sense, they do not "forgive" anything if you marry a citizen, no matter how the citizen abtained citizenship. I am a American citizen, and I am white, I was born in Washington state. I married a Mexican immigrant, we have been together for 7 years, and we have a child that was also born in Washington state, However, they will not let my husband live in the U.S. even though he is not a criminal, and our child and myself are totaly dependant on his income, and I am disabled and cannot care for my son and myself without him. This is a common misconception among Americans-that if an illegal immigrant gets married to a citizen, they have a right to become a citizen- However, it is just not true.

No You would have to apply for citizenship just like the other person would have to apply to become a US citizen.

Marriage to a US citizen does not automatically provide citizenship. There are other aspects that still have to be met. It would be well worth the cost to make sure it is done correctly.

all you have to do is make sure she has a visa to be in the united states and marry her once she is there. after that she will be allowed to stay in America as long as she needs to get through the naturalizatoin process.

In the immigration context an alien refers to a foreign immigrant. The answer is, yes, but there is not much information to make further comment.

To guarantee the rights of every American citizen ruled under the constitution.

An American citizen has no authority to make someone legal. Obtaining a visa for a known gang member can be difficult. If they have a clean criminal record, they can apply for a visa.

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