If you are at a fork in the road and there are two people on truth teller and one liar and you have one question to go down the right path but you do not know which one it is what question do you ask?

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Ask one of them, 'What would the other person say is the right path?', then go down the opposite path to what they say.
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What kind of questions should you ask some one you want to know more about?

Answer . Don't ask yes or no questions. (I'm just going to refer to this someone as a girl, but it works both ways) Ask about her favorite hobby and how she became interested in it. Ask about her family and what she likes about each person in her family. Ask about her best friend and what they do ( Full Answer )

Why do people ask questions here when no one ever seems to answer them?

Answer . A lot of questions have been answered. Some questions are just unanswerable or are put in the wrong section. When they're put in the wrong section, it is harder for the people that may know the answer to find the question. If one of your questions hasn't been answered, you could make su ( Full Answer )

What one question would you ask an honest gatekeeper and a dishonest gatekeeper so that you'll know the right road to heaven?

Answer . You go up to one of them and say "If I ask the other gatekeeper 'are you honest, will he tell me that you are honest?". If you are talking to the honest gatekeeper, his answer will be 'no'.. If you are talking to the dishonest gatekeeper, his answer will be 'yes'.. So, you know wh ( Full Answer )

Is 'to be or not to be' one or two questions?

two! if you answer them different. that's what i think.. Answer . It is one question, and Hamlet is looking at two apparently exclusive alternatives. If you attempt to break it down into two questions, you will run into some difficulties. What would Hamlet mean by asking "To be?" He may be askin ( Full Answer )

If you ask a question on WikiAnswers and do not get an answer should you assume no one knows the answer?

You should not assume no one knows the answers to a question that is asked. You should understand that the right person has not answered the question yet and wait patiently for a response.. Answer . I dont think its that nobody knows, more likely that the question is not worth many peoples time ( Full Answer )

If one asked you a question would you know why one asked?

The answer is yes and no, why do i say this because there are many types of questions some questions are merely asked to confirm a point, like some one may ask "did you say you are coming tomorrow?"surely such a one already knows, but would want just to emphasise. others are leading or suggestive qu ( Full Answer )

How does one check for answers to questions one has asked?

Click on your question now! That's how you do it. You always go to the blue sidebar on the left, and click on "My contributions." This tell you everything you have done. Then you find a question you asked. [There will be timestamps in minutes, hours, yesterday or a date] This well give you an idea w ( Full Answer )

Why will no one answer your questions?

Maybe the question is not clear - rewording, proper punctuation and spelling and good grammar can help others understand what you are asking. . Maybe the question in not in the correct category, so that the people that know the answer aren't seeing the question. . Perhaps it is a really hard quest ( Full Answer )

If a game asks you a question on horses and you dont know the answer so you go on to a search engine and gives you one but the game tells you that its not right how has got it wrong computer or game?

When you went to search for the answer, did you type it into the search engine the exact way it appeared in the game? Otherwise, the computer's simply going to find an answer that close to what you ask for or it'll give an answer that normally would be correct, but not correct for the game. Try typi ( Full Answer )

A man comes to a fork in the road and does not know which way to go In the middle of the fork there is a house In the house lives a set of twins one always lies while the other always tells the truth?

Copying in these long questions, one invariably runs out of letters before he gets to the question. You are supposed to ask the twins one question to find out if you are on the right road or the wrong road. The question is "what road would your twin tell me was the right road?" The lying twin lies a ( Full Answer )

You are a christian and people know it One of your teachers who you get on with asks an icredibly difficult question regarding God She is really lovely so how should you respond?

If you don't know the answer, say kindly, "I'm sorry, I don't know. But could I get back to you later?" You might then want to write down the answer, and ask your pastor or a Strong Christian friend.. If you know and are afraid of offending her, you could tell her with a smile, "You know, I'm not t ( Full Answer )

Why does no-one answer your questions?

Normally it is just waiting for the right person to join the community. Sometimes it is because the question is impossible to answer, is not a valid question or requires no answer. Is your question complete? Is your question phrased properly? Is it a question or a statement? What question are you s ( Full Answer )

You are trapped in a room with two doors one leading to freedom and the other to death There are two computers one always lies and one tells the truth What one question could you ask them to escape?

The puzzle is based on only being able to ask one question of either computer and receive one answer. The question, asked to either computer, is " What would the other computer say is the way to freedom ?" The one that lies would try to send you the wrong way, knowing that the other compute ( Full Answer )

Can you ask more than one question in one sentence?

yes Did you read the assignment and (did you) remember reading how to ask more than one question in a sentence? Just like any other sentence, so long as you don't change the subject (you), you can link the questions (Did you read? and Did you remember?) together with a conjunction. You can ( Full Answer )

Who is is the one asking these question?

If you ask aquestion and the person whom you asked the question too; does notanswer your question for your understanding. The person gives youand answers not satisfying and tells you the only answer you aregoing to from me.

A man is locked in a house A desk has two drawers one has a bomb one has a key to leave the house Two men are present One always lies One always tells the truth What one question can he ask to escape?

There are conditions left out of the question: both men know whichdrawer has the bomb, and they don't care if they get blown up alongwith the man if he picks the drawer with the bomb. -- The man would ask either of the other two this question: "If I ask the other guy, what drawer will he tell me has ( Full Answer )

Why does no one answer your answer in these questions?

Your statement is hereby deemed wrong by me as I did write an answeri to this question. There are many people writing answers here. Your questions may be of such a character that only a few can answer them properly. You can however increase your chances of getting those few to read your questi ( Full Answer )

How do you ask one-word questions in French?

If someone asks you to do something, you can ask Quand? (When?) or Oú? (Where?) To make those questions sound less abrupt, you can add a ça after it ( Quand ça? Oú ça? ) Pourquoi? means "Why?"

Is there one right answer to every legal question?

In some cases there is a single answer but in many cases there is not. Generally legal questions cover several different areas of law and the answer to the question may be influenced by more that one area depending on the issue. In that case a series of issues need to be addressed before one can arr ( Full Answer )

What is a question and how do you ask one?

Many questions start off with "Who, what, why, how, where, or when", and you just asked two questions, yourself! Using the Answer Bar near the top of your screen is the method utilized here at WikiAnswers. You may want to edit the category, as well.

Where can one find good truth or dare questions?

If one wishes to prepare for the game "Truth Or Dare," they need a list of questions. The first and only place to go on the Internet is the website Truth Or Dare Headquarters.

How can one ask a lawyer questions for free?

Most lawyers offer the first meeting for free. If you decide to use their help then, they will tell you their costs.If the lawyer doesnt have a free informational meeting, then you should chosse another one.

Where can one ask psychics a free question?

One can ask psychics a free question on sites such as California Psychics, Master Psychic Online, Michele Knight, Psychics Foretell and Love Psychics 101.

How does one know when a question is rhetorical?

A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is used to make a point. A rhetorical question is usually asked for effect with no answer expected.

Why does no-one answer my questions?

You have to remember... this is NOT a 'live' web-site (like achatroom is). You have to wait for someone to log-on to the site,and read your question before it can be answered. If you havequestions that require an immediate answer... you're better offusing on-line chatrooms.