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You could get hit by lightning or the tree can fall on you from winds or hit by lightning and catch fire.

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Why is that you should not stand with your legs apart during thunderstorm?

You should not stand with your legs apart in a thunderstorm because placing your legs together minimizes the amount of electric current that will pass through your body. Always stand with your feet together if you can't get out of a thunderstorm.

How can you stay safe or protect yourself if caught outside in a thunderstorm where lightning is occurring?

I suppose you could stand no where near metal, but I'm not totally sure.

How should you act in a thunderstorm?

stand outside with metal rod holding it as high as you can Yes you should do that if you are majorly suicidal! Are you purposely getting people struck by lightning?

What Impact On Human Life Do Thunderstorms Have?

the thunderstorm could destroy peoples houses and the people and things in it. Make sure your house is stong enough to stand the thunderstorm and not weak.

Where can I buy cheap outdoor patio furniture that can stand up to the great outdoors?

If you are looking for to buy cheap outdoor patio furniture that will stand up to the great outdoors go to Walmart. They have a great selection of cushions for your needs.

What should you do during a thunderstorm?

during a thunderstorm you should get inside away from metal objects and water, if you have a tornado shelter get in it and turn on a battery powered radio to the weather. don't stand in any open, high,electric areas and especially don't go near any trees. just stay home with a good book and a battery powered flashlight. that's what i do.

What to do if you are caught cyberbullying?

Stop doing it & stand up and take your punishment "like a man". Accept what you did was wrong and you should not do it any more!

Why is hard wood used for benches?

It lasts longer and will stand up to weather when outdoors.

What should you do during a thunderstorm and whether severe or mild?

1. Stay inside 2. Do not boil water for drinking 3. Do not use computers or telephones 4. Do not stand under a tall structures

Why shouldn't people stand under a tree in a thunderstorm?

Because lighting mostly struck trees and you could get hurt!

During a thunderstorm what can you do to prevent injury?

When a thunderstorm is approaching, move inside a building away from windows. If caught outside, do not stand under trees or metal porch awnings. Do not hold metal objects, like golf clubs. Avoid showering or tub baths, because electricity can follow pipes into the house. Avoid using landline telephones because electricity can follow telephone wires from outside to the telephone receiver.

What do you do if you are caught in an earthquake?

stand underneath a doorframe, or underneath a table

Can the Nike elite competition basketball be used outdoors?

any ball could be used outdoors,but the softer leather of indoor balls usually does not stand up long against concrete and pavement

During revolutionary war what advantage did the colonists have?

fighting on own landmotivation drivendidn't stand out in the outdoors

What does pow stand stand for?

prisoner of war Would depend on circumstances, but often Prisoner Of War, a soldier caught by the enemy

Where should you stand when someone tells you to stand in the paint?

you should stand in the circle in the middle of the basketball field

What does TGTS stand for in football stats?

Targets - how many passes were intended for the receiver. It doesn't breakdown if the pass was thrown to the cheap seats or it hit the receiver in the head and he should have caught it.

Why it is not a good idea to stand outside in a thunderstorm and wait for lightning to strike?

There's a big chance you could get struck by lightning. Or hit by a tree that is hit by lightning.

What are the actions of all military spectators why the national anthem is being played?

They present arms if outdoors, and stand at attention if indoors and not under arms.

What does BLR stand 4 in countries?

it should stand for belarus

Where should you stand when someone swings a golf club?

If you're playing in their group, you should stand a respectful distance behind them. If you're a spectator, you should stand in a designated spectator area.

"Are smoking receptacles made just for outdoors, or do they make indoor ones as well"?

"As far as the stand up smoking receptacles, they are primarilly used outdoors, but they do make some indoor, wall-mounted receptacles as well." The smoking receptacles are normally made for outdoor use.

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