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If you are muscular and weight 128 at the age 0f 12 is that over weight?

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You are actually the right weight. Being 12 and muscular you are just developing as a young kid. As you get older if you find yourself over weight your body will slim down where it thinks you need to.

2009-08-13 19:25:14
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If your 16 years old and 5'2 and weigh 130 pounds would that be considered fat?

No, you're right at a perfect, healthy weight for your age and height. You can be anywhere from 128 to 134 to be at a healthy weight for your age and height.

Being 15 weighting 142 over weight?

No. Your fine as you are at that weight. But it isn't really about age with weight, its about your height with your weight.

What is the weight for your age?

It depends what age for example if your 10yrs old they would be 60-90 if any higher they might be over weight.

What is a healthy weight for a 5' 38-year-old woman?

According to the WHO and the CDC, a 5' 38-year-old woman weighing between 107 lbs and 128 lbs is in the 'normal' range, i.e., not over or under weight. At 107 lbs, you would be in the 9th percentile for your age and height, among U.S. women. And at 128 lbs, you would be in the 32nd percentile.

Is a bmi of 18.6 under weight or over weight for an 11 year old?

It's neither under weight neither over weight, it's just OK.It's average for your age!

Is a girl whos 5ft 2 who weighs 135 pounds over weight?

If a girl weighs 135 pounds and is 5'2, she is not considered to be overweight. Females between the age of 18-25 should between 128 and 136 pounds.

Is 135lbs over weight?

More information is needed to answer the question "Is 135lbs over weight?". This can not be determined without knowing your age, sex, and height.

How old am I if 500 reduced by 4 times my age is 128?

If: 500-4x = 128 then the value of x = 93 years of age

Is there a height weight chart for women over age 65?


What is 128-134 cm in age?

Age 8-9

I am 12. 5'2 and Weigh 139.2 Pounds Is This Over weight?

Not for your age.

If you are over weight what age should you get your period?

Usually between 8 and 12.

Omg im fat?

if you fat that means your over weight check on line what the average weight is for you age and hope its under!!!

If your weight is 52kg and your height is 160cm and 12 years of age is this over weight?

Based solely on your weight and height (not age), you come out in the lower half of normal. You are closer to being underweight rather than overweight.

Is 99 pounds overweight for a 14-year-old girl who is 5'?

You are at normal weight. A normal weight for your age and height is between 95 and 128 pounds. At 94 lbs you would be considered underweight.

What is the average weight if you are 5'6?

Many variables must be considered when determining your average weight, depending on your age (pre-teen, teen, adult), frame size (small-medium or large bone), genetics and the height, in general it's around (male) 128 - 156 lbs., (female) 117 - 143 lbs.

How much should you weight at the age of 10?

If you have a muscular or tall body you should way between 80-95 pounds. If not you should way between 70-80 pounds.

Is 7ST 8lb over weight for a girl aged 15?

that's about right for your age.

Is 150 pound girl over weight or obese?

this all depends on the height and age

If you are a 14-year-old male that is and weighs 176 is he over weight?

you have asked about over weight. over weight has nothing to do with age and sex. It is calculate using the body mass index(BMI). BMI = weight in kilograms/(height in meters.)2 And there are certain standard values for bmi. If your bmi exceeds it you are said to be over weight.

You weigh 116 pounds and you are 5foot are you over weight?

Well, it actually depends on your age. If you are around the age of 12, then yes you are a little overweight. But, If you are around 16 and up your at a normal weight.

Is an IQ of 128 good for a fifteen year old boy?

An IQ of 128 is good for a person of any age.

You are 5 feet 7 inches tall and weight 275 pounds am you overweight and how can you loose it?

Yes you probably are overweight unless you are muscular. I am also 5'7" and I weight 165 and I am right on the edge of being overweight for my age. To figure out how much yu need to lose, do a google search for BMI (body mass index). This is a calculator that will tell you if you are overweight. Be aware if you are muscular this isn't accurate. The most accurate require age, height, weight and date of measurement. The best way to lose body fat is to exercise and eat right.

Does bmi vary for your age?

The same height and weight is the same BMI, no matter what your age. Sedentary people are likely to gain weight over time, and so older sedentary people are likely to have a higher BMI (higher weight).

How much over weight am i im a 12 year old male 4 ft 5 and weigh 80 pounds?

you are not really over weight in fact if you got taller you would be a little under weight the weight you are at now is a very healthy weight to be at for your height but not you age