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Do you get periods? if you do then your more than likely ovulating. I think you have to in order to get your period. If you are not getting your periods then you may want to go see a doctor to find out what the problem is.

I wanted to clear a misconception - having a period DOES NOT mean you are ovulating. I get my period every 28 days and discovered from a blood test that my hormone level is below 10. Below 10 means little or no ovulation.

There are ways to remedy this. You would need to consult a physician to find out the best course of action for you.

YES of course. Clomid is prescribed by your doctor to encourage ovulation.

Clomid has been discovered to cause birth defects in babies. Your doctor should know this and not recommend it. It is a very recent discovery. Please check this out before taking it!

The previous poster needs to cite a source. Clomid is standard treatment for many anovulatory women. It doesn't always work, though; it is less effective in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Other options include Femara (a pill) and injectable medicines such as Gonal-f and Follistim, which are often prescribed in relation to other drugs that monitor different aspects of your hormone levels -- for example, drugs to keep you from ovulating before your egg matures.

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Q: If you are not ovulating can this problem be corrected?
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