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If you are on full disability can you go into a home based business?

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You need to check the definitions in your policy related to "Own Occupation", "Any Occupation" and the definition of "disabled". There are also time frames - 2 years for this, 5 years for that... specified in the policy.

Furthermore, if your reference to "on full disability" is referring to Social Security Disability (rather than a private disability policy), there are other applicable limitations on earnings so as not to disqualify you from or reduce SSDI payments.

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While you do not necessarily need server monitoring for a home-based business, it can certainly be a good thing to have. It can help protect your system and give you alerts if there is a problem. If I had a home-based business, I would feel better if I had the extra protection.

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One can start a business at home by informing the tax office of the country. Based on the revenue from the home business, monthly tax declarations will need to be filled.

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