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If you are pregnant what does it mean if you have a runny yellow discharge and pain during intercourse?


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It sounds as though you have a vaginal infection. Get checked out by your doctor. Discharge does increase while pregnant, but it should not be yellow and intercourse should not be painful.

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No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

Yes, you have increased vaginal discharge while pregnant. If the discharge is green or dark yellow or brownish or blood tinged. Call a doctor.

Alot of women have this problem as well as cramping You should really let your doctor or gynecologist know. Are you using a condom during intercourse?

Cramping and yellow discharge when pregnant are not normal. FAQ Farm is not an online medical diagnosis site. Please contact a health professional immediately. For your health, please do it! ~ T

Discharge during pregnancy is normal! It is normal to have a havy flow of discharge. But, if the discharge has a green or yellow tint or a very foul smell, it could mean there is an infection and you should see your doctor about it.

Yes. However, if the discharge has a strange smell, color, or consistency (ex. yellow or thicker than normal), you should consult with your doctor because that could be an indication of infection.

Contact your doctor. It could be an infection of some kind.

this is not a usual sign that you are pregnant this could be many reasons why you get this. you should get in touch with your doctor and talk to them about this problem.

an increase in discharge could possibly be sign of pregnancy, however if it is a change in color from your normal there could also be a possible infection.

Gonorrhea or chlamydia can cause a yellow discharge.

A STD can cause a yellow smelly discharge.

Normal discharge increasing is completely normal, during pregnancy. Discharge with blood, bad odor or green, yellow discoloration needs to be brought to your doctors attention, as a possible sign of infection.

if u have a thick mucasy discharge with a hint of yellow to it(or green) associated with abdominal and lower back cramping, more than likely these are symptoms of gonorrhea. you may also experience fatigue, weight loss or gain and a burning sensation during intercourse and may also involve a fishy smell from your discharge

This yellow discharge is likely a bacterial infection; you need to see a doctor.

Maybe no, because it could mean an infection. see ur doctor ASAP.

It depends at what point in your cycle the yellow discharge appeared and the consistancy of it. If you are at the end of your cycle but had unprotected sex approx 14 days before your period was due then yes you may be pregnant and a test would be suggested. However, if you had unprotected sex around the same time you noticed the yellow discharge then it is unlikely that you would conceive. The discharge produced at the time of ovulation is clear and you should be able to stretch it between your thumb and forefinger (as gross as that sounds!).

Is it normal 2 have a yellow are white discharge?

The thick milky yellow discharge is nothing more then a infection.

If you mena bleeing, you should not really bleed while you are pregnant. If you mean normal vaginal discharge but more that is perfectly normal. However if it is yellow/green, starts to itch or is foul smelling please see a doctor as you may have an infection.

You should see a doctor for any sort of discharge during pregnacy. It could be an infection which they would need to treat.

That sounds like an infection. Go and see your doctor

ifthe girl ispregnant this could meanshe is in labor needs to go see a dr ASAP if sheis not pregnant some discharge is ok as long as it is not yellow green or wight

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