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If you are pregnant will your stomach right where your bikini line starts become a little hard?


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2015-07-16 18:06:00
2015-07-16 18:06:00

It's possible for it to get a little hard. Everything is changing. If you have concerns, talk to your doctor. If this is your only sign of pregnancy and you haven't had a positive test, take a test. Having just that symptom isn't a really good sign to go by.


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okk so my sister is pregnant and her stomach still isn't hard and she is five months pregnant and she is showing a little but not much so you never know.

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It's PossibleYes, a girl can become pregnant if only a little sperm is ejaculated.

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Obviously this depends on how heavy the pregnant woman is to begin with. It will eventually become solid even if the woman had some fat on her stomach. If a woman is thin then her stomach would be more solid, if she has some meat on her bones then there will be a little softness but it's more solid than just fat.

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A little boy has no need to wear a bikini top, so NO, it is not suitable for a young boy to wear!

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