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If you are relocating to Florida can you collect unemployment?


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Yes, you can if you are already collecting unemployment. It's called an interstate claim. If you are relocating for personal, non-work related problems then it would be up to the "liable state" you are moving from as to being eligible. Following your spouse is sometimes an allowable, as is domestic abuse, health, etc. If you are going to Florida in order to file for unemployment against the state of Florida, with no work history, then no, you cannot collect unemployment in Florida.


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Not in Minnesota, but you might be able to collect unemployment in Texas. However, I suspect not.

Yes, you can continue to collect benefits through the interstate benefits program. Inform the Florida division of employment services that you are relocating and contact the state's employment division of your new state as soon as possible after your arrival. Your continued benefits will still be paid by the state of Florida.

How long do you have to be employed by a particular company in Florida to collect unemployment if terminated

That would be dishonest, you can not collect unemployment if you are freelance working.

Yes I am a convicted Felon in Florida and I draw unemployment

Unemployment is a federal program which states administer. therefore it does not matter what state you move to you still receive the same money from califrornia. the only difference is that the state you live in now administers your money from California. also, importantly California still does the determination of your claim NOT Florida. but if you're already receiving your checks you've probably already had a determination.

You probably can't collect unemployment if you quit.

can i collect social security and unemployment in florida at the same time

From what I've read, you must notify Florida that you are moving, then you will have to deal with the Maryland unemployment office nearest where you live. After that you will continue to get paid unemployment benefits by Florida and your unemployment payments will be subject to Florida's terms and laws.

yes its like from florida do colorado.

No. The "liable state" that owes you unemployment compensation (if you qualified) would be Florida.

Yes, you can work part time and still collect unemployment benefits in Florida. See Related Links below, under "Certifying for Weeks", part 3.

I don't think you can collect unemployment if you QUIT your job to relocate. If the company was relocating to California (or anywhere farther than 50 miles- I think), and you did not want to relocate, then I believe you can get unemployment.

--If she got layed off or fired---I see nothing wrong about collecting unemployment

Yes, if you qualified for Florida's unemployment and you complied with their requirements concerning moving out of state.

You cannot collect when you have voluntarily left a job. Has to be a lay off or firing... can you collect if hes out of work and found another job in California

Probably not although I am a little confused by what you are asking. You have to have been employed and let go for no fault of your own in order to collect unemployment. Grad school is school, not a job (although I am sure it feels like a job!) and so just because you are relocating to attend graduate school you are not necessarily entitled to it and if you had to quit your job for that reason then that will probably be seen as "your fault"

In the sample application form in the Related Link below, there is no mention of filling in information regarding severance pay, so apparently you can collect. To be safe, when you file for unemployment, ask the unemployment employee if you can.

Yes. Check item #45 under "Unemployment Services" > "General Unemployment Insurance questions" in the Related Link below.

Teachers in Florida can only collect unemployment if they were let go at the end of the school year. If the teacher will continue to be employed during the next school year then they are considered to still be employed. Teachers in Florida typically continue to receive pay checks during the summer.

You can't collect unemployment. It's impossible.

yes. nannies can actually collect unemployment

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