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Say you took it at 12:00 in the afternoon. go back 6 hours which would be 6:00 am and take it then.

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What is more expensive traveling across land or traveling across the ocean?

traveling across land

What can be changed at stations along a circuit with alternating current making it good for traveling long distances across the country?

i am asking the question how am i supposed to know

Can you get Sprint Coverage if you am traveling over the Atlantic Ocean?

Do sprint does not support coverage if you are traveling across the Atlantic ocean. You may want to look into a Mobal Internet Cell Phone. It is supposed to work in over 190 countries.

What are some early types of transportation?

Steamboats, for traveling across seas, and horses for traveling across land. Even some early cars, if you're that late in the game.

Past of swim?

Swam or Swum.As in:I swam across the river everyday.I have swum to the Island everyday.

Can you Make a sentence with word traveling?

They're traveling to Spain for a vacation. After traveling for several weeks, he was glad to get home again. Her purse was stolen while she was traveling across the country.

What Restrictions on traveling across the Glenn Canyon dam?

Can you drive across the glen canyon dam

Past tense of swim?

Swam or Swum.As in:I swam across the river everyday.I have swum to the Island everyday.

Where did the Pilgrims settle after traveling across the Atlantic on the Mayflower?


What was the name of Odin's Ravens?

Odin's Ravens were called Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory). Everyday at dawn they were supposed to travel across the nine worlds, the at the end of the day perch on Odin's shoulders and whisper news to him.

What were Apollo's responsibilities?

drive the sun across the world everyday

What is the speed limit when traveling across a blind railroad crossing?


How did the Vikings get to England?

By traveling in Longships from Scandinavia across the North Sea.

What are some that do not involve people traveling across the distance with the messages?


Does active transport require a membrane?

no because it is traveling across one.

Large stream of water that flows across the land?

a large flowing stream of water traveling across land is called a

Can tsunamis travel across the ocean without losing energy?

Yes, they can. Tsunamis recollect their energy when they are traveling across the ocean.

What structure built across a river to control the flow of water?

A dam is built across a river to control the flow of water.

Traveling across the country helped Whitman to develop a?

love for the people of America.

Did the great wall stop traders from traveling across china?

I say yes

Why does the sun travel across the sky everyday?

The sun does not travel across the sky but the earth moves in a rotation making the illusion of the sun moving across the sky

Is Martin Luther in Across the Universe supposed to be Jimi Hendrix?


What are some advantages on allowing concealed guns across the state line?

When traveling and driving at night while doing so. Especially if you are traveling alone.

What are the release dates for Everyday Italian - 2004 Eating Across America 5-7?

Everyday Italian - 2004 Eating Across America 5-7 was released on: USA: 17 September 2005

What the time 5 meters across the floor if it is traveling at 1 ms?

5 seconds