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Under normal circumstances the named beneficiary collects the proceeds from a life insurance policy without court intervention.

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Q: If you are the beneficiary how could a friend claim the life insurance through probate?
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Can i buy term life insurance on myself and make a friend the beneficiary?

Yes you can.

How can a person be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy if the spouse of the deceased is still alive?

In rare cases, a person will make a close friend or relative the beneficiary of their life insurance policy instead of their spouse.

Can you name your friend as a beneficiary?

A person can name anyone they choose to be a beneficiary. This can include a friend, child, spouse, parent or other relative. Some people even name organizations or charities as a beneficiary.

Could a friend be the beneficiary in a life insurance policy?

There's no fundamental reason you can't designate any legal person you want as the beneficiary of your policy. ("Legal person" does not mean that the person is legal, but is meant to include both real people and corporations.)

If a friend or invited guest falls through the attic to floor below is it covered by your home insurance?

If you have home insurance then you should phone your Insurance Adjuster and ask them this question. They have a copy of your insurance policy.

Where can my friend find a company that offers garage liability insurance for his dealership?

A person can find garage liability insurance through their business insurance provider. There are usually several insurance providers that specialize in small businesses.

Can the sole beneficiary and executor be the same person?

Yes. It is not unusual for an only child, favorite sibling, friend or other relative to be named the executor and beneficiary.

If a friend borrows your car and gets in an accident does your auto insurance cover damages?

Depends. If said friend has insurance then in most cases their insurance will cover the damages due to vicarious liability. If the friend does not have insurance, you are then responsible for any damages caused.

Does my insurance cover a friend driving my car?

yes because if you have insurance on your car as long as you name is on the title and you were in the car with your friend most likely the insurance will cover it

If a person is driving their parents car under their parents' insurance and lets a friend borrow the car if the friend gets a ticket will the ticket affect the parents' or friend's insurance?

I believe the Parents insurance go up!

In what circumstances does your auto insurance cover you and the car if you are driving a friends car?

Car insurance follows the car. If you are using the friend's car temporarily, with permission, as a substitute for your own insured car, your insurance should cover you if the friend's insurance does not. What if my friend (who has the car) does not have insurance and I want to pay for my faults and fix it - will he be arrested?

If you got a ticket but were driving your friend's car so you showed the police his insurance will your insurance rates go up?

if it was YOUR offence, YOUR license you showed, it will be YOUR problem with insurance, not your friend's.

Is an heir a blood relative or can they be a friend or fiancee of the deceased?

An heir does not have to be a blood relative. An heir, also known as a beneficiary, is whoever is listed in a will or trust as a beneficiary. So it could be a friend, or a charitable organization, or a blood relative. It is up to the person making the will or living trust.

You lent your car to a friend he had a lincence but no insurance does your insurance cover him?


Can you purchase life insurance on a friend's huband naming her as the beneficiary without either of them knowing about it?

He would have to fill out a medical questionnaire and sign the application. The insured individual has to consent to having their life insured. The wife doesn't need to know about it, but he would have to.

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and do not have car insurance?

Do you have car insurance? Yours will cover it. Your friend if he is a true friend, will cover the deductible.

Would you recommend Hanover Insurance to a friend?

Yes I would I think that hanover insurance is a well trusted company and if I were to recomend it to a friend the friend I recomend it to would enjoy the professionalism of the company.

You purchase the car at the dealer for your friend does the insurance has to be under your name also?

No, insurance does not always follow the owernership of the car unless you and your friend live in the same house and you have your driver's licence. If you tell the insurance company that you are not going to drive the car at all time and main driver is your friend, then you do not have to be under the same insurance.

Where do you go to get house insurance?

There are many companies that offer homeowners insurance. You can go to a local insurance agent, you can do an on-line search through one of the many popular search engines on the, you could look in your local yellow pages or even ask a friend for a recommendation.

Is it against the law if my car insurance has my friend's name as the principal driver in my car insurance?


Can a friend put another friend your car insurance?

It would be a very foolish move to put a friend on your car insurance because if they have an accident you will have to pay any expenses. This also includes letting a friend use your car.

Whose insurance is affected when a friend gets a ticket when driving your car?

Insurance follows the car, and points follow the driver. which means that the friend will receive the ticket and the points against his insurance. However, your insurance will pay for your car and you should not receive the points for the ticket. Check with your state for insurance guidelines.

If friend drives your car and hits someone but is not insured by your insurance company who pays?

generally the person who owns the car at fault involved in the accident is financially responsible. hopefully you have insurance and your friend is not excluded from your policy for some reason. if your friend is not excluded then your insurance company should pay

How is insurance obtained on a boat being borrowed for 3 weeks from a friend?

Because insurance laws and costs vary state to state, you should call your agent. Added... You should check with the current insurance company. You are probably going to be unable to purchase insurance on something that does not belong to you in the traditional sense. You might have to insure through a speciality company. See a insurance professional...

Can you sue your friend's insurance company if you were in an accident but they were not at fault?

You can.