If you are trying to conceive could you have pregnancy symptoms such as cramping and tender breasts as early as 12 days before your period is due?

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12 days before your next period is due would be around the time you are most fertile, the cramps etc are probably ovulation pains, get to the bedroom!
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If you are about 4 days post ovulation could slight cramping and breast tenderness be the first signs of pregnancy?

Yes, but they could also be signs of pregnancy. It seems a bit too early to tell if you are pregnant, to me. It could be, but I don't suggest you take a test until you've missed your period. It doesn't seem like you would have enough hcg for a test to detect at this time. It could be. I am now 6 w ( Full Answer )

If you're experiencing flu-like symptoms such as headaches sore throat fatique backache and cramping but your period is due in a few days could these be signs of pregnancy?

Answer . \nIt could be. It has been my experience (I have had two children and one miscarriage) that everytime I am around 3 weeks or so I get flu-symptoms with a sore throat, etc. and I feel queasy and then about the 4th week I will start getting a morning sickness feeling around 9 a.m. every mo ( Full Answer )

You have very swollen and tender breasts but am not due on for 2 days you have done 3 early home pregnancy tests which show a second line but it is faint could you be pregnant?

It is possible that you are pregnant but you could also be tender because of hormonal changes in your body that naturally occur before you start your period. I would wait several more days and do another test. Please remember to do the test first thing in the morning as an afternoon test will not be ( Full Answer )

Are stomach cramps before your period a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer . They can be. Cramping can sometimes be felt during implantation, and spotting(light bleeding) is also fairly common around this time. These two things together can sometimes lead women to believe they are not pregnant when they in fact are. If you've been having unprotected sex and have ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if your period is not due for another 10 days but you are having a yellow discharge with slight cramping and tender nipples?

Answer . Hi,\n. \nThe yellow discharge is not pregnancy related hun. This is caused by a yeast infection. You will need to go to your pharmacist for some cream or a pessary for yeast. This will clear it up. \n. \nYou cannot have unprotected sex while you have yeast or you may pass it to your p ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you have been spotting for five days a week before period due and you have tender breasts and twinges in your side and you have been trying to conceive for seven months?

Answer . You could be, it could be implantation bleeding. I had that with my first pregnancy, if you suspect you are pregnant you should take a test or go to the doctors. The first time I was pregnant I spotted 8 days before my period was due, I ended up having an early miscarriage though, so if ( Full Answer )

You have read that cramps could be a sign of pregnancy your period is not due for another 8 days and you have had slight crampy feelings Would this be signs for preg or early period?

Answer . \nIt sounds like a period; I have never had cramps during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, if you have a feeling you are pregnant (we always know things like this; it is instinctual), take a hpt as soon as possible. If money is an issue, your local planned parenthood should of ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to have pregnancy symptons 12 days before your next period. soore breasts cramping and funny taste in mouth please help thanx?

Answer . I have had eight children, four boys and four girls. Each pregnancy is different, in one you may feel bloated, taste is very sensitive, smell is more profound, what you like before may not appeal to you at all and just maybe what you would never consider eating you now crave. Its an upsi ( Full Answer )

You have nausea tender breasts and period like pain not due for period for another 7 days could you be pregnant?

morning sickness generally begins in the 6th week or later of pregnancy, therefore your sickness even if u were pregnant would not be pregnany related. Pregnancies are like finger prints, no two are alike, so saying that morning sickness begins at six weeks so you would not be pregnant is a false ( Full Answer )

What if you had most of the pregnancy symptoms before your period was due and then the symptoms disappeared but a pregnancy test is negative and your period is nine days late?

Answer . you might be pregnant, but i doubt it. the symptoms were probably just pms, and if you were worried/excited that you might be pregnant, the stress could have delayed your period. if you dont get your period by the end of the week , take another test - if you are pregnant you may have ju ( Full Answer )

Period like cramps 4 days past ovulation had unprotected sex the day of ovulation trying to conceive for months could I be pregnant?

Yes, I would say that there's a 99 percent chance you are pregnant. Period like cramps are one of the first signs of pregnancy, it happens when implantation occurs (so you're timing is right on).. This is what happened to me when I got pregnant, and a few days before I was supposed to get my period ( Full Answer )

I had tubal ligation 3 years ago period is 10 days late have had pms symptoms tender breasts some cramps and pain on lower right side Home pregnancy test was negative can it be ectopic what do I do?

You need to go to your Doctor right away and let them do a pregnancy test through blood work. The pregnancy blood test can pick up your hormone level at a much earlier stage than a home urine test can. If you are in fact pregnant and it is ectopic, the earlier that is determined, the better for your ( Full Answer )

Breast tenderness in early pregnancy?

Evidently that tenderness is more or less "normal" in your condition. You may wish to talk with your doctor about your discomfort.

You are experiencing cramps eight days before your period is due could you be pregnant?

Implantation of a fertilized egg happens about 7-10 days after ovulation and fertilization (4-7 days before the expected period). When the fertilized egg burrows into the uterine lining, it can cause uterine irritation and release of prostaglandins, which lead to cramps. It can also cause a small am ( Full Answer )

Is cramping 8 days before a period is due a sign of pregnancy?

No but it could be that you are ovulating. Implantation for instance can cause some spotting but it's not something that you would feel and that would also depend on when you had sex. You can take a test 2 weeks after sex.

What are the early pregnancy symptoms before periods?

The first sign that you are pregnant may be swollen or tender breasts. Nipples that have become sore, hard and may even be painful to the touch. The breasts can become very sensitive when pregnant for the first time. A slightly bloated feeling can also be experienced. These are very early pregnancy ( Full Answer )

Period isn't due until Jan18 I've had spotting cramps the past 2 days and lower backaches headaches fatigue I also have slightly tender breast I had sex 2 days after last period dec27 could I be prego?

there a few questions you need to ask yourself was your last period in dec 27 normal for you and was it a regular period When was the first day of your period in dec how many days are in you cycle do your period come every 26, 27, 28, 30, 31 days each month Did your period start on dec 27 or ( Full Answer )

I have been having pregnancy symptoms tired sore breast etc I started bleeding and cramping on the 17th but my periods not due until the 25th could i be miscarrying how can you tell?

hie..well telling u the truth i recently have been in dis situation..n have no idea whts going on...since im trying to conceive so it may be that I've conceived....my periods r due on 27th...but i had spotting n cramping on 19th...n its finished the same day...i gues i have to chck n get it tested.. ( Full Answer )

What if your breasts are really tender like right before your period but you are not due to have it for another 2-3 weeks could this be signs of pregnancy?

yes, it COULD be, don't take this as a gurantee though. tenderness is a symptom of pregnancy, and you are most fertile around 2 weeks after your period and it sounds like you are at about that time frame. i would recommend taking a pregnancy test now and again in a week or two. if your test turns po ( Full Answer )

You have lwr back pain a little discharge tender breasts and alot of cramping sleeplessness but tired during the day your last period was 3 June your period is due on 1 July Could you be pregnant?

Hey Im the same one that asked the question. So I know ive pasted my ovulation, I have sex, before, during and after. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. So in a nut shell the first day of my last period was 3 June. My 28th day is 1 July. I can wait!!!!!! I want to know now!! I bought like ( Full Answer )