Best Answer matter what the situation you cant marry a man or have sexual relations with a man if you are underage.....Its even WORSE if he is in the military...he may lose his position in the military.

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Q: If you are underage can you marry a man that is in the military if he is 21 or older?
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Would you marry a man who had underage sex when you hadn't?

Sure, why not? But he had better be okay with his would-be spouse having had underage sex too.

Can you marry a man 30 years older than you?

Yes, legally in America you could marry a man that is 30 years older than you as long as you were 18 years old.

Can a older woman marry a younger man?


If you marry an older girl Is that biologycally harmful for us?

No. For a man to marry a woman up to about 10-15 years older than he is, is practically ideal.

Can you marry a man six years older than yourself?

If you are in a Western country and are 18 years or older (no longer a minor) then you can marry a man of any age as long as they are not a minor. A man six year older than youself is not that much older so there should be no problem having a good relationship together.

Can a man marry a woman who is three years older than him?


A 40 year old woman marry a 25 year old man?

Yes, a 40 year old woman can marry a 25 year old man. There have been many women that are older marry a younger man.

What happens if you are under the age of consent in Louisiana but get pregnant?

(edit)--If the man were underage or similar ages it is usually not prosecuted. If the man is a few years older then watch out!!!!! You have a baby !!!

Can a man younger than the woman marry her and does the Hindu religion accept this?

Yes ofcourse, a man can marry a woman older to him. To my best knowledge, Hindu marriages accept this. Besides there is nothing wrong in this.

What is Beth going to be when she is older?

She's going to marry a man called Eddie and become a doctor.

Will you marry a man who is a lot older than you?

Well nobody can predict the future so I dont know.

How do you become a rich man while you are 56 years old?

Marry a much older rich woman and wait.

Is it legal for a 18 year old women to marry a 30 year old man?

Yes, any individual age 18 or older can marry without parental consent.

Can a girl marry a man who is 17 years elder then her?

If she is 18 years or older, yes she can. Or if her parents sign, she can.

At what age did the Romans marry?

Roman girls were legally allowed to marry at the age of 12 and boys at 14, but this was the legal age. In reality the girl was usually about 14 to 16 years of age and the men much older, mainly due to military service. It was not uncommon for a marriage to be made between say, a sixteen year old girl and a forty year old man.

If one parent consents for his 16 year old daughter to marry a 18 or older man but the the mother does not is it still legal to marry with just the fathers consent?

can it be an incest if a son and a daughter who are related because of their mothers who sisters marry each other?

Is it a problem to marry a woman who is older than you?

It is no more a problem than a woman marrying an older man; a common informal rule is "no younger than half your age plus seven, no older than one and a half times your age".

Older sister tries to marry her younger sister husband's son which is from the man's previous marriage. issit legal for the older sis to marry her younger sis's stepson?

Some countrys have strange laws regarding this sort of relationship However as there is no blood relationship there should be no problem in most places.

Can a girl marry a man whos older then her by 11 yeas old?

In every place that I'm aware of, there's no restriction on the age difference between the two partners to a marriage. A girl can marry a man who's 110 years older than her if they want, as long as she's at least the minimum marriageable age (in most states, somewhere between 18 and 21).

Can a Hindu man marry an older Christian woman?

Yes, a Hindu man can marry a Christian woman, regardless of their respective ages. In Western countries, marriage laws take no account of religion. In India, the Special Marriages Act applies to marriages across religions. Of course, if the woman is very much older than the man, there can be social and other issues that surround the marriage, but the law is only concerned with whether the marriage was validly entered into.

Can a underage boy date a man if the underage boy is gay?

Being gay has nothing to do with it. It is still molesting and illegal. Any man who wants or needs to be with a boy instead of another man should be avoided. He is a pedophile and should be reported to the police.

How financially responsible should a girl be having a baby underage with an older man?

She should find a way to kill herself for bein a skanky slag with no hobbies and that will save the problem of the baby and leave the mans life alone :)

Can man marry to lesbian?

If lesbian wants to marry man.

Why did Jane Addams marry that man?

Jane Addams did not marry any man!

Can Muslim woman to a marry a christian?

No, Muslim woman can't marry a Christian man. She can marry only a Muslim man. However, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim, a Jewish, or a Christian woman.