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None, you spit them out.

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Does your hair grow faster than fingernails?

Yes, it does. your hair grows 1mm every mouth and your fingernails grow every 2 days

What items do you consume everyday?

You should consume water every day.

How many energy drinks do Canadians consume every month?

Canadians consume seven million cans every month.

What animal consumes?

every animal (including humans) consume. consume means to eat.

How often should fingernails be cleaned?

Type your answer here... once every two days

Do Canadians consume about seven thousand cans of energy drink every year?

no. Canadians consume about seven million cans of energy drinks every month.

How do you get long fingernails?

you can get long fingernails by not cutting or bitting them off.You can also use a nail growth nail polish once a day,every day to keep your nails growing.

How much metal do I consume every day?

50 millon

What does the phrase every waking hour mean?

Every waking hour means every moment you are awake in your entire lifetime

How much food and drinks you consume?

Approximately a ton every year

If you consume alcohol every day of the year are you an alcoholic?

Yes, probably.

How many chickens do Americans consume every day?

2 million

What is the most consumable thing in world?

Oxygen--we consume it with every breath.

Is hajj every year?

Yes. Hajj is performed every year but it is obligatory ONCE in lifetime of a Muslim.

How many eggs does a female produce in a lifetime?

It varies in every woman

Could a person travel to every city in the world in a lifetime?


How many times does the average person visit a hospital in their lifetime?

It is estimated that during one's lifetime they will be admitted to a hospital every 17 years and be seen in an emergency room every 3 years

Can one consume alcoholic beverages while on GM Diet?

Every website I have read says that No, you cannot consume alcoholic beverages while on this diet.

Are tadpoles consumers?

Yes. Every living thing has to consume something to live.

What happens every time you lick a stamp?

You consume 1/10 of a calorie.

What are the advantages of manual databases?

it is easy to carry every where. it is cheaper. it do not consume electricity.

Distinguish between average propensity to consume and marginal propensity to consume?

average propensity to consume is the fraction of the total amount of disposable income that households spend on consumption whereas marginal propensity to consume is the amount that consumption increases for every additional dollar of disposable income.

How many times in your lifetime do you swallow?

The average human being swallows aproximitely 333 million times in their lifetime. This is about every six seconds.Answer12345678910

What one thing do girls do every day that boys do once in a lifetime?


Which thing boys do once in a lifetime and girls do every day?

probably shopping (: