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If you can change a 4-wire to a 3-wire 240V outlet circuit then what was the purpose of having a 4-wire box in place to begin with?

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== == You are not allowed to change a four-wire outlet to a three wire outlet.

You can change a four wire cord to a three wire cord.

That is VERY different! === === <><><> I have answered this question at least 6 times. The 4 wire plug has a neutral and the 3 does not. An untrained homeowner who does their own Plumbing can flood the house with water or sewage, on the other hand electricity can kill instantly. I wouldn't want to gamble my family's lives on my incompetence. 3 wire plugs are old and outdated. Way back in the old days they didn't ground equipment so plugs didn't have a ground. (Remember the old 2 wire 110V outlets on houses built before the 50s?) A few people got killed so they decided to add a safety wire. It took them longer to catch on with heavy appliances, but eventually they did. That it what the fourth pin is. Since many homes still have the 3 wire plug it is allowed in older homes. New homes must use the new 4 wire plug. Changing your 4 wire cord to a 3 wire cord is the same as plugging a 3 wire 120V appliance into one of those 3 prong to two prong adapters they sell. Your appliance works now, but is ungrounded. Don't listen to anyone who says to replace the new up-to-code plug with an older plug. That is the same as replacing your 3 prong 120V outlets with old two prong outlets! Ignore anyone who tells you to do so, they think they know a lot more than they actually do. Buy a new cord. It is cheap and safer. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB



If you do this work yourself, always turn off the power

at the breaker box/fuse panel BEFORE you attempt to do any work AND

always use an electrician's test meter having metal-tipped probes

(not a simple proximity voltage indicator)

to insure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.

2008-11-12 15:29:05
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Q: If you can change a 4-wire to a 3-wire 240V outlet circuit then what was the purpose of having a 4-wire box in place to begin with?
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Can you change 15 amp to 20 amp outlet?

You can replace a 15A outlet with a 20A outlet. However you need a circuit protected by a 20A breaker or fuse and 12 AWG wire to run 20A through the circuit.

What if your circuit breaker started tripping with no change of things plugged into an outlet Does this mean the circuit breaker needs to be replaced?

Circuit breakers can degrade over time but it would be better to get a competant electrician to do it. It might also mean you have too many things plugged into one outlet. Sometimes one circuit breaker may protect several outlets so it might be tripping because of a change in another outlet. ELECTRICTY IS DANGEROUS!!!! Don't do it yourself.

If one outlet on a circuit is not working will the entire circuit not work?


How do you add a new outlet on the same circuit?

In parallel circuit

How do you dedicate a wall outlet?

A dedicated wall outlet is the only one on the circuit.

Infer which type of circuit an outlet is part of?

Outlets are part of a "branch" circuit.

If your wall receptacle has tripped but not at the circuit breaker how can this problem be repaired?

If it's a GFCI receptacle and the button is not resetting then change the GFCI outlet.

If your air conditioner is 120V but the outlet is 240V can you convert from 240V to 120V and how?

If the 220V circuit is dedicated, is to derate the circuit to a dedicated 110V outlet. Replace the 220V breaker with a 110V breaker and install a 110V outlet in place of the 220V outlet. If the original circuit was 20A or greater go with a 20A breaker and a 20A outlet as Airconditioners are fairly large loads. Do not exceed the current rating of the old circuit as that is all the current the existing wiring can handle.

Can you plug a 30 amp dryer to a 50 amp stove outlet by having a stove wire plugged in the 50amp stove outlet connected to a 30 amp breaker with 6 or 8 amp wire going from breaker to a dryer outlet?

Yes. A 30 amp rated dryer can be served by a 50 amp rated circuit. There is no requirement to change the breaker to 30 amps, but it is best to do so.

Can you change a 120v 15 amp outlet into a 30 amp?

You can't "change" the outlet to a 30 amp.The major limitation is the size of wire that feeds the outlet. A 15 amp circuit is typically run with 14 AWG wire. A 30 amp circuit must use 10 AWG wire.To add a 30 amp circuit you'll need to run a new wire, new outlet and connect it all to a new breaker.Always seek the services of a qualified electrician to make those kinds of changes. A mistake can lead to electrical fires and possibly death of someone in the home.

Where is a reset located if not found on the outlet?

At the circuit beaker

What if you did get paint inside an electrical outlet inside the slot and that outlet is no longer working?

The simple fix is turn the power to the receptacle off, change the receptacle out for a new one. Re energize the circuit and you are good to go.

What is the purpose-of grounding an outlet?

The purpose of grounding an outlet is for personnel safety. In electrical single phase installations the ground wire is used to carry a fault current back to the distribution and trip trip the breaker of the circuit that the fault was on. Without this ground wire a person could become the ground and receive a sever shock.

What happens to the overall resistance of a circuit when too many appliances are connected to a 120 voltage outlet?

The resistance of the supply circuit does not change. If too many appliances are connected the breaker will trip and disconnect the supply.

Do you get charged for having a socket outlet switched on?

In order to be billed for electricity, you have to have a flow of current. your electric meter is not unlike your water meter in this regard, it measures flow rate through it. An outlet that is not plugged in to anything that is on, or an empty socket that normally holds a bulb will not pass current. That means they are technically off. All a switch does is open an electrical circuit. To close a socket circuit you need a bulb. To close an outlet circuit, you need an appliance that is on (another switch may be involved).

How do you solve electrical outlet not working?

If you have an electrical outlet not working and you have an idea what you are doing, you set out to repair it. First, you check the circuit breaker for a thrown circuit breaker. If that is not the case, you get a volt meter. When you have a volt meter, you throw the circuit breaker to that outlet. Then you take a screwdriver and you remove the outlet but keep the wires attached. You make sure the wires are not touching anything. You go back to the circuit breaker panel. You turn on the electricity. Then you test the wires with your voltmeter. If it shows they have electricity, you know the problem is the outlet. If not, you have a different problem. You go back to the panel and turn off the circuit breaker. You put the outlet back in. If the problem was the outlet you buy a new outlet. In the United States, a number of hardware and electrical supply stores sell them. You go back. You turn off the circuit breaker. You remove the outlet from the wall. You notice where the wires are. The new outlet also comes with an explanation of how to attach the wires. You attach them and put the outlet back in the wall. If the problem was not the outlet, you call an electrician. While an electrician will cost money, a burned down house will cost more money.

What colony was purchased for the purpose of providing an outlet to the sea?

to be a cash crop supplier to England

Is a plug in a series or parallel circuit?

Every outlet in your house, and everything in your house that's plugged into an outlet, is in parallel.

Can lights and GFCI outlet be on the same circuit?

no!.... not practically but theoritically.....

Circuit protection device that can be reset after it opens is?

Circuit breaker or GFCI outlet with local reset button.

Can you measure ohms from a live 115v AC outlet?

No, the circuit should not be energized when checking the resistance of a circuit.

Where can one find a GFI outlet?

One can find a GFI outlet wherever in a household you can find an outlet. Sometimes, there is a GFI circuit breaker that can control multiple outlets.

How many outlet for ELECTRIC circuit in a house?

As many as you like but the total current taken is limited by the circuit breakers.

What is the definition of duplex outlet?

Electrical wall outlet having two plug receptacles.

Will circuit breaker cause voltage drop in outlet?

Only if it trips!