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Veiny breasts is a sign of pregnancy yes. But some womens breast skin is finer than others and veins are more noticeable.

If this is new for you and you have missed a period, yes you could be pregnant.

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Q: If you can see blue veins clearly in both your breasts and even underneath them is that a sign of pregnancy?
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Do the veins in your breasts start to show more in early pregnancy?

Yes they often appear to be larger and more pronounced quite early in the pregnancy

What could cause spider veins to appear on breasts?

Pregnancy or significant weight gain in short amount of time.

Are tender breasts with long blue veins on them a probable sign of pregnancy if they have never been there before?

Yes. Please talk to your doctor.

You have bloated stomach blue veins on your breasts your period is late 4 days feeling very tired and hungry?

Take a pregnancy test

Do the veins in your breasts start to show more before your period?

It is highly possible that your veins will show. Before your period, hormones cause your breasts to swell which can lead to more pronounced veins.

Are there veins in the tongue?

When you look underneath your tongue, you can see purple veins. So yes, there are veins in the tongue.

You have had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins and have had discomfort in your abdomen pregnancy tests all negative period stopped what could it be?

You've had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins? Why have you not seen a doctor about it?

Can you be pregnant if the only symptoms you have are blue veins on breasts?

Unlikely. There are a lot of other signs and symptoms that come way before blue veins on your breasts. Blue veins just mean that you have thin/fair skin and can see the veins through it.

What are some signs of teen pregnancy at the age of thirteen?

Check out this website for information on teen pregnancy and symptoms of pregnancy Hello there. The signs of pregnancy at thirteen are the same as they would be at any age. A missed period, tiredness, tummy cramping, spotting blood, breasts tenderness and nipple tenderness, veins on breasts, nausea, over emotional, food adversions and/or cravings.

Can you be pregnant if you have blue visible veins on your breasts and your breasts feel heavier?

Possibly - take a test

If veins become visible on the breasts does it mean you are pregnant or could it be caused by something else?

Veins on the breast can be a symptom of pregnancy... it was for all of mine very early on. I don't know what else may cause that so whether you are pregnant or not you should probably contact your doctor about it.

What else besides pregnancy can cause the veins on your breasts to erupt into a cobweb display all over your breasts?

It could be hereditary (if there are other women in your family ask if they are having the same experience). It could be hormones. It could be a sign of something more serious and you should contact your doctor.

What are the typical pregnancy symptoms?

Missed period. Nausea or vomiting Cramping Veins on breasts Tender breasts or nipples A line going down your abdomonen from your belly button (not all the time) Headaches Tiredness Excessively urinating Extra or a lot of vaginal discharge similar to ovulation discharge.

Are blue veins on the feet an early sign of pregnancy?


Could you be pregnant if you have tender breasts and buttock cramps and throbbing veins in your legs and very large veins under the skin on your breasts when your nipples are erect?

yes If you are FEmale, than yes... If you are male... I would see a doctor.

Do veins only show up on Your breast during pregnancy?

No, I am 11 weeks 2 days preggo and I have got very visible veins on all my legs, my feet, my inner arms and although I have got veins on my breasts they are darker and more prominent on my chest and the fronts of my shoulders. My body is like a roadmap, so many veiny patterns all over me, it's fascinating lol! That's just one of the many weird and wonderful pregnancy symptoms for ya!

Your breasts have little pink veins where your nipple leads what does this mean?

it's normal

How does pregnancy increase the likelihood of developing spider veins?

A woman's total blood volume increases during pregnancy, which increases the blood pressure in the venous system. In addition, the hormonal changes of pregnancy cause the walls and valves in the veins to soften.

Is it normal to have dark blue veins in your breast in early pregnancy?

Yes. You will get even more of them as your pregnancy progresses.

Where can you see veins?

Underneath your skin they look like thin blue lines

Do your breasts grow with ectopic pregnancy?

I had laparascopic salpingectomy 3.5 weeks ago for an ectopic pregnancy in my right fallopian tube. Previously I had two normal, healthy pregnancies resulting in my five year old son and three year old daughter. I was not in any of the 'at risk' categories for ectopic pregnancy, although my children were both delivered by caesarean section and this could be a relevant factor. I can definitely say that I experienced all the classic pregnancy symptoms, including larger, tender breasts with pronounced veins, just as I did with my first two children.

Why are breasts soft?

Breasts are made mostly of fat, which is soft(-ish). They also contain mammary glands, which are sort of like veins (cannot be seen however). There are no bones in breasts, only tissue.

Your boyfriend said your vaginal area smelled different and you were a week late from starting your period and your breast have been sore and you could see veins in your breast is it pregnancy?

I have never heard that smells can indicate pregnancy, and I am sure that veins on your breast have nothing to do with it. They may have been there your whole life without being noticed. Breasts frequently get soar when a period is coming. In other words, there is nothing in what you have said that makes me think that you are pregnant.

What is the causes of varicose veins?

There are several causes for Varicose veins. The most common cause is seems to be a family history of Varicose veins. Then you have pregnancy, a possible blood clot and diet.

Your not pregnant you are a Virgin and you have blue spider veins around your B cup breasts you are not overweight but often the Blue Veins on top of your hand and feet popout enlarged whats wrong?

Veins will appear blue. Don't confuse this with spider veins. They will often pop out on the hands and feet if you have been doing heavy lifting (hands and feet) or running or jumping a lot (feet). There is likely nothing wrong. If you don't like the blue veins around your breasts then get a tan.