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NO! you will NEVER lose ur singing voice! u might get horse or lose ur voice but it wont harm ur singing!

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2009-07-29 00:17:14
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Q: If you can sing but you don't sing that often and is shy to sing in front of people would you lose your singing voice?
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Can people with good voices be afraid of singing?

Yes all the time. My voice teacher tells me I have a good voice, yet when asked to sing in front of people, I get all nervous. Tackle your fear of singing in front of people by forcing yourself to do it. It will get easier every time, and you might actually enjoy it after you get over your fear.

How can you built confidence in your singing voice?

Practise singing in the mirror and when singing in front of an auidience try not to look at them too much But if you want your voice to be louder try vocal exercises

How do you tell if you have a good singing voice?

People will compliment it often, and your voice won't crack when you sing a high note or if you have a great low voice and hit those ecspecially hard notes to get. Just never drink milk before singing because it clogs your vocal chords.

Does everyone have a singing voice?

everyone has a singing voice

Lowest singing voice is what?

the lowest male singing voice is a Bass the lowest female singing voice is a Contralto

What kind of education do you need to be a singer?

I don't think you need an education to be a singer. You just need a good voice and maybe some singing experience. You also shouldn't be shy or afraid to sing in front of anyone because that's what singing is pretty much all about is singing in front of people.

How do you sing in front of your cousin without getting nervous or embarrased because you have a horrible singing voice and she has an amazing singing voice?

First off you need to have a positive attitude. Don't think about your voice or how nervous you are. Try a few days of singing in front of a mirror or singing along with some of your favorite songs. Sing in front of your siblings (if you have any). You could try singing along with her too, try harmonizing. And remember, it's your cousin, not a crowd, don't be so nervous! Hope this helps, good luck!

What do singing lessons do to your voice?

Singing lessons help you form a good healthy singing voice.

What is the lowest singing voice of all?

The lowest singing voice is the male voice called bass.

What does Amy Winehouse have that most people don't?

A beautiful singing voice.

What is vocalics?

Training for your voice, eg. singing Training for your voice, eg. singing

Why are there singing lessons?

If people have a dream of singing they go to singing lessons to improve their voice and their technique! They might have a good voice but, in order to fulfill their dream of singing, they need to be able to use proper techniques such as breathing, posture, and forming the sounds.

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