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Yes, unearned premium if any will be refunded to you.

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Q: If you cancel a home insurance policy is there any money to be paid back to you?
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How long does it take to cancel your life insurance policy?

I have a whole life insurance policy, how long does it take to cancel it, also can I get money back from it.

Can a person cancel an home insurance policy at any time from the date the policy is effective?

Yes...and you should get back the amount of premium you have not yet used for the rest of the policy. This is only if you paid in full. If you pay monthly, you may cancel but will get back less money, if any.

If you cash in a life insurance policy do you have to pay taxes on it?

"Insurance and Taxes. No. All proceeds or withdrawals from any insurance policy are not taxable." This is not true. If you cancel a life insurance policy, the growth on the cash value IS TAXABLE. If you do not surrender your policy, the money is taken as a loan and therefore not taxable, but interest that has to be paid back to the insurance company grows.

Do car insurance companies have to give your car back or compensate if they cancel your policy?

Give your car back

If you cancel your life insurance policy can you get any of your money back?

Only if you took out insurance with a cashing in value on cancellation. most insurance policies have no monetary value except upon death, or serious injury if you have that type of cover. Check your policy, as it will tell you either way.

Do you get refund if you cancel auto insurance?

In most states, companies are required by law to give you a pro rata refund, that is give your money back for the time remaining on your policy.

Can you get money back on your life insurance policy if the company cancelled the policy after 15 years of paying?

Why did the company cancel? If you paid your premium, they can't. Was it a whole life, permanent, Universal Life or term policy. If term, there is no cash value.

Can you get money back for cancelling a life insurance policy?

If your life insurance policy has a cash value, you will receive that amount back minus any surrender fees. Term insurance does not normally have cash value, so you won't get anything back at cancellation. Some term insurance policies have a Return of Premium feature, that will return a portion of premiums paid back, if you cancel before age 65.

Can you receive your money back on life policy that was cancelled for non pay?

You cannot receive money back on your life insurance policy because you used it for the period of time it was valid. You cannot receive money back on this policy.

Can you out live a life insurance policy?

Yes, you can out live your Insurance Policy. When the amount of the premium paid equals the face amount of the policy (the death benefit), the policy matures and you get all your money back.

If you cancel the insurance will you get your money back?

The answer depends upon how long the policy has been in force. There may be a right to a refind of premium paid, called an "unearned premium". However, it exists for only a finite period of time and depends upon the terms of the policy.

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