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If you change a guinea pig's cage every week and a half will it attract maggots?


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No, I do not think so. It would have to be really, really dirty before it attracted anything. If housed in an appropriate sized cage, and if there is only one guinea pig, many guinea pigs can go two weeks without needing a cage cleaning. But this depends on the guinea pig. Some are very dirty and require alot more cleaning.

Princess-jen says:

Hi there. As i have a guinea pig myself i never leave a cage a week and a half. (mine is inside in a medium cage) i change newspaper and hay every two day etc... It would probably have to be very dirty as the other user has said. But i still wouldn't leave it for that long anyway because of infections guineapigs can pick up off the floor as they are low riders. Cheers have fun with your guineapig.