If you come into a small inheritance enough to pay off your debts is it better to pay them now or over time with a credit counselor company?

It would be better to pay off all debts as soon as possible!

As said in the above answer, it makes more sense to go ahead and pay the debts, especially if you are paying interest or fees on these debts. But if for some reason you decide not to do that, pay them on your own because a credit counseling company will most likely want to charge fees for their services.

Put the small inheritance into savings, so that next time around you have some cushion against sudden expenses. There are some decent CDs or savings accounts that pay interest. Then, work hard and scrimp for awhile to pay off those debts. If you need help figuring out how to manage the debts, a non-profit credit counseling company can help. There are also some good money management chatrooms that can help you become more savvy. I like the one on MSN Money.