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Use hair extensions.

2006-08-16 22:55:59
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Does head and shoulders make your hair thick?

no it cannot

What should you do to your hair to make it grow past your shoulders in a weeks time?

Get extensions

You want your hair to grow past your shoulders in a week what can you do to your hair to make it grow that long?

that's impossible to grow in a week women it depends how long your hair is mainly 3 years or more but not a week lmao :L ya make me chuckkle chuckksss thatss why i love this jobb LOL thankss

How long will it take to grow your hair from below shoulders down to your breast?

== == Hair grows at about 6 inches a year. Just make sure you keep the ends trimmed as nasty split ends will mean it will not be healthy and glossy when it is as long as you want it to be. == ==

How can you make your hair grown long?

you can make your hair grow long by greasing it.

How do you make your hair long?

Basically, to make your hair long is to wait for it to grow. If you have curly hair, you can straiten it to make it longer. :D

What kind of hair cut would make me look best i want to keep it kinda long i have red hair it goes a little past my shoulders it's naturally straight and I'm a guy what would look best for me?

It depends on the shape of your face and body type. If you're heavyset or short, then long hair will make you look shorter and heavier. If you have a long face, long hair will make your face appear even longer. If you have a round face, short hair will emphasize the roundness of your face, unless you style it in an asymmetrical way.

Your hair used to be longer then you cut it really short a few yrs ago and you want it long again but your hair barely grew and you get a trim every month or two.. what can i do to get it long again?

To get it long, just make sure you get a small trim it a bit every two months.

What are things that make hair healthy again?

There are many methods you can utilize to make hair healthy again. It is important to keep hair properly conditioned and get regular trims to keep the hair healthy. You can also take Biotin supplements which encourage hair growth.

What is it about girls that make them have long hair?

Hair grows.

What hair food will make your hair long?


Does head and shoulders shampoo make your hair grow?


How can you make your hair grow really fast from your shoulders to past your chest in a really short time like 3 months or less?

Answer tie ur hair alot

How do you get long hair for blacks?

For long hair you have to have healthy hair. Websites and fourms can assist with this. K.I.S.S., hairlista and more, gurus on youtube such as ulovemegz, mskibi, buildablebeauty, and thehappyhairshow share tips on healthy long black hair care. HHJ (happy hair journey) fictional hair myths: keeping your hair dirty, using grease, relaxers make your hair grow, black hair CAN'T grow past the shoulders natural or relaxed, clipping your ends EVERYtime it grows (your cutting off progress), brushing your hair 100 times from root to tip (how is that logical?)

Does a moose make structural adaptations?

yes it has long shoulders to help build its home

Why long hair is better then short hair?

Long hair is suppose to make you look more feminine and attractive.

Why won't my hair grow past my shoulders?

Your hair is not growing as you want it to be i.e(past shoulders) as you are not treating it well. (black people hair)- washing your hair to regularly causes split ends which travels up the root of hair and makes your hair dry, brittle and it doesnt matter what shampoo or conditioner you use as long as you are using one its just that the product that you do use for your hair wont make an effect if your not massaging it into your scalp with your fingertips as massaging your hair with the nails prevents circulation and prevents your hair from growing faster than 1 inch or even an inch at all. so remember these tips and as well eat healthily i.e fruit and vegetables and this helps your hair especially if its short to make short hair GROW.

What hair gel can make your hair stick up straight?

gel is hard to make your hair stand up if you have long hair. if you have short hair, use a strong sports gel. Long hair, use hair glue, but make sure you get the shampoo stuff to get it out. : ) do i have to use shampoo

What are some good shampoos that make your hair healthy and long?

Well, for each person, different shampoos work best. My opinion- (or recommendation) for a shampoo would be suave or panteen. *Try not to use Head and Shoulders-it makes hair fall like rain! Trust me!

How to make hair long?

You grow it!

How do you get to make your hair long?

by not cutting it

How do you make hair grow really fast?

my hair never use to grow but... if you cut the ends of every 2 weeks your hair will grow like a weed trust me it works my hair grew from my shoulders to my waist in just 3 months. but make sure you brush the ends of your hair to prevent split ends.

What did Stargirl look like?

she had sandy hair up to her shoulders, and big eyes. she wore no make-up, and wore what she wanted to... etc :)

How do you make your hair long and silky?

What i do, to make it long, obviously you'll have to grow it, or get hair extensions. To make it silky, use a good shampoo, and finish off with a conditioner. Go for brands like Head & Shoulders, good brands, not just the cheapest you can get a hold of. Add a little serum (by little, i mean a TINY bit, or your hair will look greasy if too much is used). I would also recommend using a straightener/flat iron for added silkiness/shine.

How do you get hair growing again?

use olive oil and bear rum it will make your hair grow and it will thicken it