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well u calling apple or at&t services

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โˆ™ 2009-06-25 03:22:32
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Q: If you delete a piad app do i get my money back?
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If you delete a app and a iPod touch do you get the money back?


If you delete an app do you get your money back?

No, in the agreement it says that all you can not return them.

When you delete a app from your ipod do you get back your money?

I don't think you can get your money back by deleting it, but you might be able to send the creators of the app an email to complain, and then they might refund you.

Why dont you get money back if delete a paid app?

mmm because... that's business my friend, they describe the app, put pictures and reviews of the app. you decide to purchase and if you delete the app that's your problem

If you delete your app store on your iPod how do you get it back?

It is not possible to delete the App Store. It stays on your iPod forever.

If you delete an app on an ipod touch do you get all the memory back from that app?

yes you can get the memory back

How do you delete an app on computers?

rigth click on the app you wanna delete and click delete and there thats how you delete an app from your computer

How do you get back the app store if you accidentally deleted it on the iPod touch?

You can't delete the App Store. It's pre-installed. If you delete an app that you downloaded, go through a full sync to get it back if auto-syncing for apps is on.

What happens when you delete the blackra1n app and how can you get it back?

Restore and then re-do. that's what i did

When you delete an app can you get it back for free?

Yes, if you buy it again with the same itunes account used to previously purchase the app, you can get it back for free.

How do you get a deleted app back without app store?

hold your finger on the app for 5 secs then click the x button in the corner then delete:]

When you take off a app do you get your money back?


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