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If you do not have Comprehensive Coverage on your car would your Homeowner Insurance cover vandalism on a car that was parked in your driveway?


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2015-07-16 18:23:16
2015-07-16 18:23:16

No. Homeowners policy specifically exclude automobiles. //


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No. Comprehensive coverage on the auto does that.

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Yes, Your comprehensive deductible on your auto insurance policy applies.

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Comprehensive is a physical damage coverage that is designed to pay for damages caused to your vehicle. Several different losses are covered under comprehensive coverage including: fire, theft, vandalism, explosion, civil riot, hail, and colliding with a live animal. Some insurers refer to Comprehensive coverage as Vandalism coverage. This will cover practically any type of vandalism that occurs to your vehicle except vandalism that was intentionally done by yourself. You will be required to provide a police report if vandalism is claimed.

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No it does not. Homeowners insurance covers your home, property and liability excluding your auto. Your auto comprehensive coverage will protect you for fire, theft, striking an animal and....vandalism.

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You may not need collision coverage but you should consider comprehensive coverage which covers theft, vandalism etc.

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