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That means you're normal.

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Q: If you don't bleed on your first time of intercorse what does that mean?
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What does it mean if you dont bleed your first time?

That you're completely normal. Not all bleed the first time even if they still have the hymen intact.

What does quickie mean?

quickie means as if someone guy or girl dont want long intercorse they just wanna be quick and simple

Why young girls shouldn't have intercorse?

What do you mean by young?

What does it mean if you have blood on your underwear and tissue but you dont bleed in the toilet?

Most likely you had your period.

Do all virgins bleed?

No. All virgins do not bleed. Some women break their hymen before having sex for the first time. So, if she doesnt bleed the first time, it does not mean she is not a virgin

What does in mean to pop a girls cherry?

To be the first to make her bleed- virgin

How long is it normal to bleed after losing your virginity?

It's not normal to bleed at all, the idea that you should bleed the first time is a myth.It is possible to bleed any time you have sex if it is rough or forced, but there's nothing about the first time specifically that would mean that you would have to bleed at all.

What does it mean when you lightly bleed the first few weeks of a pregnancy?

it means your on your periord.....

What does it mean when you feel like a animal?

in means you want to have inter-animal-corse (intercorse with animals)

Is bleeding necessary if the woman does intercourse for first time?

NO! Some women may bleed ther first time, some may not! Just because you don't bleed doesn't mean you're broken or not a virgin.

What does copulate mean?

Copulate is to ingage in sexual intercorse with somone who is not of the same nature or sex; This also includes animals.

If you bleed after sex for the first time does that mean that the cherry has been popped?

well .... I've never had sex before but from what i heard when you first have sex (for the first time) you bleed meaning you lost your virginity so yea that means you popped your cherry

Are you still a virgin if you did not bleed after sex?

no you are not a virgin because every woman is different and some bleed and some do not. there are women who bleed a lot and some not at all, i only bled a little I think what you are asking is: "if you don't bleed the first time you have sex does that mean you weren't actually a virgin?" Not everyone bleeds the first time they have sex, it depends on whether the hymen gets torn or just stretched. I didn't bleed the first time. ANSWER no. once the penis goes into the vagina, and there is penatration, you have lost your virginity.

What does it mean if the foreskin around your urethra starts to bleed?

There is no foreskin around your urethra. In the male the urethra finishes at the ending of the glans of the penis. If your foreskin starts to bleed then you have obviously damaged it somehow and if you dont know hoe it happened you should see a doctor about it.

Do pigs bleed when they are in season?

if u mean they bleed every month no if u mean they are in heat yes they bleed if u are talkin about somethin elese than IDK

You didn't bleed does that mean im a virgin?

Not everyone bleeds the first time. If you've had intercourse you are no longer a virgin.

What does it mean when you have a period for more then a week being on the depo shot?

its normal for you to have hevey spotting on your first round. i bleed for nearly a month my first round.

What does 'bleed like a stuck pig' mean?

It means 'to bleed profusely'.

What does the first name faruk mean?

i dont now

What dose pop your cherry mean?

Hen u have sex for the first time an when the dick breaks your vaginal wall and u start to bleed so technicly pop yo cherry means when u a guy makes u bleed when u hAve sex for the first time

Where is bleed valves on 99 mercury villager?

There are no bleed valves on the engine, if that is what you mean.

What does it mean if eyes bleed?

If your eyes bleed it could mean that you have too much pressure in your head and sinuses. It could also mean that you have a larger problem such as a parasite.

What does gi bleed mean?

A Gi bleed means Gastro intestinal bleed. It covers every form of hemorrhage from the pharynx to the rectum.

Is it possible to lose virginity without pain or blood and not to have intercourse for a week?

some girls dont always bleed it doesnt mean you are a virgin it could mean that the "cherry popped" another way from a tampon or a bad fall ect.

In the book twilight what happens to Bella the first day at school?

I dont mean to be rude, but why dont you read it to find out?