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say no i dont but you do

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well i think that if your friends dont like him he must not be good for you!!!!friends are way more important then boy friends!!!!

kick boy friends butt!! no dont do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well it depends who the guy is if you dont think he will tell folow your instincts

if a boy like you juz still be ur self. if u dont like that boy,tell him what u feel ,if you dont hate that boy,you guys can be friends first and see if he cares about you .

if you like that boy very much dont care about his friends just go up to him and tell him about your feelings and if he must be having feelings for you he would not care about what his friends think.

Well if you like him kiss him back (unless ur notready for it) if not explain to him that you dont feel that way about him but you would still like to be friends with him. If you do like him but your not ready for it then just say for the time being, i dont think i am ready for this. Also if your friends have either gone out with him or like him DONT KISS HIM (unless you check with ur friends before hand.

Does it really matter what your friends think? If you like him and you think he is good looking then that's all that matters! :) ~Lexx

Talk to him. Tell him you like him. It shouldn't matter what his friends think of you. And if it does matter to him what his friends think, you don't want to be with him anyhow.

be confident, dont back down, be sweet about it, but not to sweet... a little strong. if you dont think u can do it. take one of your friends with you.

You should Probably say " I like You A lot But More As a friend and I dont think That we could Ever be anything more but Friends" Or jsut say Its over.

no, dont let it go, get the man of your dreams, dont be a pushover like icman69 suggests

they are your friends they are happy for you of cause they will like to find out so they can help if you don't want them to find out don't even look at they boy you like and don't give them any clues who it is

Its your life and who you like is who you like. So what if they think its silly. I had this problem before. You just have to go with your heart an you will come out with the right answer

i think u should be urself and maybe talk to him and be friends. then maybe tell him that u like him

at 10 i dont think you really have to worry about it, but be friends with her buy her stuff at tuck shop. stand up for her if she needs you

well i think that if you and your friend are really good friends you should stop talking with the boy or just be friends with him because friends are ireplasable and boy are ok

be honest with him, do it in an informal way and judge the way he reacts. it shouldn't be too hard to tell if he is telling the truth or not, but one peice of advice, DONT ask you friends. listen to what you think is right to do :) x

you simply tell him that you dont have the same feelings for him and that your sorry but you guys can still be friends

no i dont think it is but if you were to do something with boy you like that would be consider cheat

You dont. Boys will say anything to you just to get something out of you. I think all guys are the same, but if you like the boy then maybe you should be honest and tell him how you feel unless you two are really good friends and you think it might make it a bit awkward. Hope I helped. :]

Easy, if he likes you as well then just be "friends" that make-out

take it slow just try to be friends and it will all play out

i think its a boy! i dont think anyone ever knew! A boy.

you should take a chance if he doesn't like you you guys can just be friends!

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