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Yes. Anytime you download a file that has a virus, you may cause harm to your computer.

2006-08-16 01:01:23
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Q: If you download a potentially infected file such as a game from a P2P program directly onto a CD or DVD will it harm your computer?
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If you download a movie which has virus into your removable disk can your computer infected by the virus?

Yes, if the removable disk is connected to your computer then it will be infected.

What is the purpose of quarantine?

The purpose of quarantining infected items is so that the infected files do not leak the infection into other files; potentially damaging your computer. :)

What do you do incase your computer is infected with Virus?

If you can download malware bytes it's free

How do you remove the windows restore virus from your computer?

try to delete it but i don't think you can do that it's good to keep it if there is any virus problem in the future it will pop up. From a workinng/non-infected computer download "Rkill" (prevents it start p programs to start) download "Malwarebytes"and also download "SuperAntispyware" Copy those programs to your USB and put it on the infected computer. Run the infected computer on safe mode run Rkill and than run both MWB and SASW. and than reboot your computer.

Does gta vice city works if you download from internet?

Yes,gta vice city work if you download it from need to find a trusted file and download it. Many times the files are infected of viruses and you are not able to play the game or the computer get infected.

Is LimeWire harmful to your computer?

LIMEWIRE, itself will NOT harm your computer. The kind of files you download can. Many of these files contain viruses, spyware, and other computer corrupting nasties. P2P programs are not harmful to your computer, but if you download the wrong file you can be infected.

Symptoms that your computer is possibly infected?

Your computer could be infected with something if it suddenly runs slower or begins doing strange things. You can check the Task Manager for any new processes running that you are unfamiliar with. If you believe that it is infected, download an anti-virus program and have it scanned.

How virus enter into a computer?

When you download a malicious file or when your network is infected with a virus. You should get an anti-virus program if you are afraid of viruses entering your computer.

How do I download AVG virus remover if the virus won't let me connect to the internet?

The easiest way is to download it on another computer; save it on a USB stick and install the software on the infected computer from the USB stick

What is a common way for a computer to get infected with a virus?

well theres a few ways 1 is to download an infected file 2 download a rogue antivirus three email (note this is not all the ways i just dident want to post them all )

What do infected needles do to protect you?

Infected needles will not protect you from disease, it is the contrary it will potentially cause you harm. It is important to properly dispose of infected needles.

Will Ares inffect your computer?

ares the program its self is not a maleware of virus however the files you can download with it can be infected with maleware Save

Can you use the same printer as an infected computer without your computer becoming infected?

yes if you are performing actions with an infected computer, as loong as you share the same printer your computer will not become infect.

Can you download a computer Virus onto a CD?

It is possible - if a recordable CD was in the drive at the time the computer was infected - then there's a high chance the virus was also copied to the CD.

Can a computer get infected with a virus just by visiting a malicious website or only when you download something from it?

The computer can get infected by malware from malicious sites if you visit the site will old outdate browsers and without the latest antivirus ,anti spyware and firewall on your computer. Yes, a computer can get infected by simply visiting a malicious website. It it has embedded iFrames that do redirects or other malicious activity in the background this is what can compromise your system.

What are the statistics of a computer getting infected by a virus?

40% of computer users have been infected by a virus.

Can your computer get infected with torrent seeding?

No, but your computer can get infected from the actual torrent file that you're downloading.

What programs can be used to remove Trojans from an infected computer?

Antivirus programs can be used to remove trojans from an infected computer. This can be done simply by running a scan with the program on the infected computer.

Can your computer get viruses via email?

Simply put yes. Just opening email from an unknown source can potentially infect your computer, if you go to a link in an email or open a file from an unknown source chances are high that you've just infected your computer with a virus.

What is one way your computer can get your virus?

Going on a website that infects you Downloading and running an infected file Also download something in the internet that has virus

What site do viruses attach to?

They don't attach to sites, they attach to links or downloads. When you open up the software from a link or download, your computer is "infected."

What happens if a virus that can't be removed gets in your computer?

It stays there and you're gonna have to recycle the infected computer get a new one and download Kaspersky anti-virus and Kaspersky virus removal.

How does computer get virus?

When a user downloads an infected file, or when a person hacks a computer and uploads infected files to it.

How will making regular backups help if you are infected?

You can restore your computer back to a time when it was not infected. There is no point making a backup of an infected computer. Backups are usually the final solution to many computer infections.

Will a virus transfer to a laptop if your desktop is open at the same time and you are using the same connection?

no viruses connot transfer themselves to another computer in your home because your on the same internet a infected computer is on. The only way to transfer the virus is going the same place you got the virus from. transfering infected files. or using an infected download or program.