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Yeah you can use it. But don't just keep the download game forever. If you feel the game is good then buy it from a nearest store.

You should also remember that you cannot play online with the same serial number (CD key) at the same time so i suggest buying another CD key one if you do want to play online with someone else you know!

2011-09-12 21:50:39
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Can you play using your friends world of warcraft account on another computer?

Yes you can but you need to have World of Warcraft downloaded on the computer you want to you is on.

Can you download LEGO universe on a computer if you already downloaded it on another computer and be crazy at the same time?


How do you play Minecraft on your browser if your logged in and already downloaded it on another computer?

you just have to download it on the computer you want that minecraft to be

Can you play Warcraft 3 RoC digital download on another computer once you have installed it?

I have bought warcraft 3 RoC digitally and my computer has crashed, leaving me with no warcraft 3. I'd like to know if it's possible for me to redownload this and if anything won't work. No one else has my CD key so I should be fine right?

Can you download from your iPod to your computer and then to another iPod?

There are many ways to download between iPod-Computer and Vice Versa. If you want to put something from your iPod to your computer, you can connect it to your computer, and in iTunes, right-click on your iPod, and click "Transfer Purchases". Once those are all downloaded to the computer, you can drag them to a new iPod!

Can you take your World of Warcraft account from one computer to another?

You are able to play World of Warcraft on another computer. However, the other computer must have the World of Warcraft installed on the computer. Also if you don't use a loader or authenticator, Blizzard will detect "Suspicious activity" and lock your account, forcing you to change your password.

What are peers in torrent?

Torrents are downloaded using a peer to peer connection. A peer is another computer either attemping to download or has already downloaded a particular file. After completing a download, peers would become a seed, uploading it constantly themselves. Peers help each other to download the file more quickly.

How can you get minecraft on another computer without internet?

No, because Minecraft is downloaded from the internet for all computers, even though you can play it on your computer without internet once you download and play it at least once WITH internet.

Can you Use your Skype on another computer which has already downloaded Skype?

yes. you can.

What does download mean?

Download means to copy the files from another computer on the the Internet to your own computer.

Do movies downloaded from itunes onto an ipod touch transfer with the music if you have to sync the device with another computer?

No once you have already downloaded stuff on one computer to your iPod Touch then it is considered the authorized computer for the touch. If you go to another computer all the memory you have now from the old computer will be erased.

Can you download winows xp from another computer?


When you download a film on an iPad and you want the film on another iPad when you download it again does it cost money?

Movies rented on an iPad from the iTunes store cannot be viewed on another iPad. Movies purchased can be viewed and downloaded on any iOS device or computer connected to the same Apple account.

How do you enter another computer from another network?

You have to download Team Viewer on your computer & also download it on the other computer you want to control, but you cant use this as a hack way, because you have to confirm your control from the other computer.

What is to download?

Download means to copy something from somewhere into another place. Typically this is done over the internet from one computer system to another computer system.

Can yon transfer or copy a program that you downloaded on a computer to another computer?

yes just copy and past it on a memmory stick

Where can you download Percy jacksons e books?

Percy Jacksons books can be downloaded from their website. Various other websites provide the download. Another good download is E-book Download Spot.

What does the word downloaded mean?

It typically refers to any data that has been transfered and saved onto a computer from another computer or server.

Can you install World of Warcraft in another computer without paying for it again?

You can install World of Warcraft on as many computer as you want since there is no code required to install the game itself. However, you can only log on to an account from one computer at a time. If you want to run multiple computers at the same time, you will have to pay for another account.

Why can't you download spiral knights?

It is actualy the computer you are using if your computer often hangs or it has anti virus or web page problems you should download it on another computer.

Can you b uy minecraft minecraft in a computer and download it in another computer?

Of course! When signed in to you can download it on whatever computer you are at. And however many times you want too.

Will the music on your computer be deleted if someone puts their iPod with music on it that has been downloaded from itunes on the iPod and tries to download the music on your computer onto their iPod?

No, your music on your computer will be safe. However, bscause iTunes only allows an iPod to be synced with one music library at a time, the music won't be able to be synced to another computer.

Is it possible to download and make a start up disc for my computer from another computer?

Yes just download to a disk like you would if you were to start your computer by disk, and just put it in the other computer.

What is the difference between download and save?

Download means to move data from one computer to another. Save means to store or write out data to a storage device like a disk on the computer that currently has it in memory. You can download a file from another computer on internet and then save it to the hard disk on your computer -- these are two different actions.

Where can car wallpaper be downloaded?

Car enthusiasts are always looking for places to download new wallpapers. Motortrend is constantly updating it wallpaper inventory that can be downloaded. Another place for downloads is HDWallpapers.